The Seven Demigods in Highschool (Ongoing!) by Ananyawrites
The Seven Demigods in Highschool ( Ananya Ramesh
What happens when the seven, Thalia and Nico, go to high school? Love, Explosions, Attempted Death and even a new demigod. That's what. All characters belong to the gre...
  • olympians
  • grover
  • castellan
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PERCY JACKSON: The Hero Returns by ThatGerlNamedTwat
PERCY JACKSON: The Hero Returnsby ThatGerlNamedTwat
One man One tragic ending One army One impossible quest One hero Hundreds that betrayed, One hero Millions that will kill, One hero Billions will be served by, One hero ...
  • cyborgish
  • pjohoo
  • olympus
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Key to the Stars (A Percy Jackson and Fairy Tail Crossover) by FangirlFates
Key to the Stars (A Percy Twila, Sabrina, Jaz
Shining, Shimmering Stars. "Let the world honor you, my huntress." Silver and gold glittering key. "Live forever in the stars." Zoë Nightshade's dea...
  • angelo
  • zoe
  • pjo
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Dead Boy Walking (Puke)(PercyxLuke) by blackbeltbek
Dead Boy Walking (Puke)(PercyxLuke)by Becky May
Luke is back and Percy wants to kill himself (Luke doesn't know, of course)
  • boyxboy
  • pjo
  • jackson
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Remembering Her (Luke Castellan and OC) by The_Writer_1998
Remembering Her (Luke Castellan The_Writer_1998
Luke Castellan didn't die at the Battle of Manhattan. For some reason he was allowed to live. He doesn't know if it was a gift from the Gods or if it's leading him down...
  • thalia
  • jackson
  • hermes
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Ordinary (A Percy Jackson Story) by Greenninjagal
Ordinary (A Percy Jackson Story)by Sabrina Green
Being a demigod isn't easy. "Family Luke, you promised." It isn't fair. "If anything happens, give that to Nico." It gets dangerous. "There is n...
  • mortal
  • luke
  • nakamura
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Hunters & Demigods (PJO x SPN Crossover) by BeautifulPain14
Hunters & Demigods (PJO x SPN 💀American Psycho💀
[Set In PJO: THE TITAN'S CURSE Set in SPN: Seasons 2-3] "The bane of Olympus shows the trail, Campers, Hunters, and Mortals combined prevail, The Titan's curse must...
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Daughter of Poseidon by CuriosityAndTheCat
Daughter of Poseidonby Cat
She is one of the most powerful half-bloods of the century - meet Anya Imeson, daughter of Poseidon, blessed by Artemis. After running away from home, she meets Luke, An...
  • olympus
  • annabeth
  • fight
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I'll Protect You (Percy Jackson's Sister and Luke Castellan Love Story) by nxjwaazmxn
I'll Protect You (Percy Jackson' Najwa Azman
A year before Percy was created, He had a sister he doesn't know about. She has control over water just like Percy and one more power which is ice. Her name is Sierra. P...
  • luke
  • jackson
  • sister
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« Luke Castellan Imagines » by emprisse
« Luke Castellan Imagines »by emprisse
x reader requests always open enjoy this underrated character mostly fluffy stuff ?
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  • girl
  • imagines
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Percy Jackson: The First Of His Kind by DragonEmperor01
Percy Jackson: The First Of His Aryan Aggarwal
During a battle in front of camp half-blood Luke Castellan shows up saving the day. Everyone accepts him and moves on. After a month Percy notices Annabeth growing dista...
  • pjoxhp
  • orderofthephoenix
  • crossover
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Sea Chic ( A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by QueenBitch2107
Sea Chic ( A Percy Jackson Natasha Elliott
Find out what happens when the lovely daughter of Poseidon blows away everybody's minds.
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • lukecastellan
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Daughter Of The Sea by Slytherin-vikis
Daughter Of The Seaby Victoria
Alex grew up thinking she didn't have a father. She then spent years thinking that said father didn't care about her. And then, he only seemed to care when it was conven...
  • hera
  • annabeth
  • percy
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young gods ⇉ luke castellan  by hufflespuff
young gods ⇉ luke castellan by m
"she'll make you feel like some type of god, like you can do anything. she makes you feel like you have all the power in the world, like you're on top."
  • luke
  • castellan
  • lukecastellan
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Consejos de Hermes, los mejores para sus hijos! by SolRodriguez679
Consejos de Hermes, los mejores Sol. ♥
Son consejos obligatorios no reglas. Todo hijo orgulloso de Hermes los conoce, los usa y los hace complir.
  • premiospjoyhoo
  • blood
  • rodríguez
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Hades' Daughter (A Luke Castellan Love Story) Book 2 by kingystories1999
Hades' Daughter (A Luke kingystories1999
This is the second book in the series and it is based on The Sea of Monsters.
  • jackson
  • fanfiction
  • percyjackson
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Tartarus Luke Percy annabeth thingy (not a one shot anymore)  by abbysmiles377
Tartarus Luke Percy annabeth abbysmiles377
Luke sees Percy and annabeth fall into Tartarus and tries to help them
  • jackson
  • castellan
  • luke
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Love Remains After Death (Thaluke Fanfiction) by ChristMyGod
Love Remains After Death ( Hannah...
Thalia never got over Luke Castellan. When she joined the Hunters of Artemis, it was because it was that, or join Kronos' army. But, when Luke stabbed himself to end the...
  • ship
  • grace
  • thalia
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A Silent Happiness; (DisconTinued) by ScrapPaper
A Silent Happiness; (DisconTinued)by ScrapPaper
It's been a year after the war with Gaia. Luke Castellan had been watching over Annabeth, in pain as he pleaded in his mind to come alive once more. A second chance. R...
  • poseidon
  • zeus
  • percyjackson
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Emerald Eyes by ApolloIsAwesome
Emerald Eyesby Alex J. Kim
(Percy Jackson x Harry Potter Crossover) (First fan fiction attempt... Sorry if... You Know.) The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to tho...
  • thalia
  • potter
  • harrysonofhades
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