Luke Castellan VS The Sea Messenger God

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Loud yells and a battle cry can be heard from the room where we left Artemis, but she doesn't seem to be in any trouble.

"What happens if we come across more Octo-dudes?" Jason questions, as Percy leads us in a run down a long corridor.

"We fight." Thalia answers in a duh tone.

A snort is heard. "I don't know if you've noticed sis, but our lightning powers don't really work down here..." Jason mutters, as Percy pauses to look around a corner.

"And how would you know that?" Clarisse asks dryly.

Jason shrugs. "I tried shocking those guys back there, nothing happened."

"Well that's not very nice that you wanted to shock him...Toran is a pretty nice guy when he's not dragging people into dungeons." Tyson quips, as Grover lightly pats him on the back.

"Good to know, buddy."

Annabeth sighs, ignoring Tyson. "Of course........We're in Poseidon's domain. I guarantee any child of Zeus or Hades wouldn't be able to use their powers in his area. I bet Percy, Nico or Hazel, wouldn't be able to use their powers in a domain of Zeus's either."

Everyone looks around horrified by the statement.

A loud snort comes from Clarisse. "Well isn't that just SUPER. So you mean to tell me blonde-superman over here and the talking pinecone WONT be any help against three Gods? Well that's just great..."

Drew snickers at her comment, as Chris nods.

"Shut-up." I bark. "Thalia is a HUNTER. I guarantee she could kick the crap out of you any day of the week, lightning powers or not."

While the group starts quietly discussing a game tactic considering Zeus's children will technically be powerless, Thalia gives me a surprised look.

We haven't been on good terms lately, and by the look on her face I can tell she's surprised I stood up for her just now.

Before any of us can agree on splitting up to cover more ground in Poseidon's large palace, a young woman walks down the hall. Dressed in emerald green robes, she has the tiniest set horns on top of her head. Her arm is decorated with a beautiful golden band, and a starfish sticks to her other shoulder giving the girl a pretty sea-inspired vibe.

She looks familiar, even though I've never seen her before. WIth her sea-green eyes, I find they're so precisely green, the girl just HAS to be related to Percy and Triton.

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