My Twin Mates by Shadow2150
My Twin Matesby Shadow2150
A rustling came from the bushes and I just lay still as growls follow with them. The scent of rain hits my nose, my favorite scent, my second favorite one was the forest...
  • dragons
  • godesses
  • mate
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The tale of Chu Qie; Mismatched Pair (Complete) by CrazyLazySloth
The tale of Chu Qie; Mismatched Pa...by G.M
For nights and days, she dreamt to be in his arms. She dreamt to share everything to him. She dreamt to be his everything and to be his very own wife. So she ignored al...
  • ancient
  • gods
  • romance
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Land Before Love. by GeorgetteT
Land Before Love.by Georgette
Aleenia is forced into an arranged marriage. It wasn't uncommon for her not to know the man she is going to wed. But it would seem nobody knows who her soon to be husban...
  • love
  • marriage
  • language
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Nyctophilia by nerdyalyssa
Nyctophiliaby Alyssa Jean
nyctophilia nyc·to·phil·i·a (nĭk'tə-fĭl'ē-ə) n. A preference for the night or darkness. "He was darkness, death himself. His name was Thanatos" Hades right h...
  • night
  • persephone
  • myths
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Highest rank #4 in paranormal THE GODDESS OF HUNT IS UNFORGIVING A BETRAYAL NEVER GOES UNPUNISHED Aril Collins,an ordinary girl who lives in a plain,old small-town is...
  • monsters
  • forest
  • greekmythology
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Agent Black Cobra by kmpeeples
Agent Black Cobraby Kmpeeples
Prologue Be cautious. Don't repeat anything you hear. I'm cobra, that's not my real name but that's none of your business. I am sitting here watching my parents be brut...
  • flawless
  • heartless
  • beautiful
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demigod pick-up lines. jaeyong. by anti-fan
demigod pick-up lines. jaeyong.by liyen
in which a mortal kept on sending pick-up lines to a demigod via text messaging. demigod pick-up lines © 2017 by liyen | winkdeepest
  • nctu
  • jung
  • jaehyun
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The Huntress by TheZellaPhoenix
The Huntressby TheZellaPhoenix
Without hesitating, I turned and threw my silver knife with all my strength into the air. Time slowed down, in that moment, as it flew through the air, the blade glintin...
  • romance
  • godessess
  • kill
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This kid is the son of Satan?! by DevilsLittleAngel24
This kid is the son of Satan?!by Casual Otaku
This a fanfiction of a girl who is the daughter of the one and only God himself. The girl, Lala Megami, decides that she wants to avenge her mothers death so she goes to...
  • god
  • angels
  • godesses
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Percy Jackson Reads The Lightning Theif by KayKayLovesCookies
Percy Jackson Reads The Lightning...by KayKayLovesCookies
The war is finally over and all anyone wanted was peace. Like that was going to happen. The Fates decide to mess up everyone's life even more and throws the Seven, Grove...
  • hazellevesque
  • leovaldez
  • jasongrace
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Moon Lily | Book 1 | The Champions of Artemis by fear_the_ducks
Moon Lily | Book 1 | The Champions...by Fangirl_in_Training
Lily Moon, daughter of Selene goes to Camp Half-Blood. Everyone is shocked by her arrival, for she is the first daughter of Selene to go to camp in four centuries. A pro...
  • halfblood
  • demigods
  • huntersofartemis
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Infinity Way High by 245839mg
Infinity Way Highby Frosted_Wolf
A School in a land of war trying to teach children the godly virtues ,but what could go wrong when you have when compassion (pure love) and honesty mix ? Well you might...
  • unicorns
  • fae
  • gods
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A Place Where God Only Knows  by Chibi_Hinata
A Place Where God Only Knows by Chibi_Hinata
[Inspired by Ashes of Love] Yue-hai is the duaghter of the one and only Goddess of Floral and Cultivating. after the death of her mother, the Floral realm went into hidi...
  • gods
  • godesses
  • transmigration
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Reign of Legacies by dumizz
Reign of Legaciesby Madumi
Fire. Water. Air. And Earth. Four elements of the world. Each handled by beings. Able to manipulate, has the power to control one element. They are called Immortals. The...
  • air
  • water
  • gods
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Percy Jackson: Alaskan Gods by sweetiepeatie8902
Percy Jackson: Alaskan Godsby Sammi
The title says all...Some Demigods become Alaskan gods and the greek gods need help
  • hated
  • alaskan
  • betrayed
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Nina's Destiny by KatieRose1116
Nina's Destinyby KatieRose1116
Summary: Growing up in Manhattan, Antonina Jackson was used to strange things. It hardly bothered her at all when she became friends with two, slightly odd twelve year o...
  • wizards
  • poseidon
  • love
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Maiden of the Woods by RavenclawProdigy
Maiden of the Woodsby Thalia Roberts
"You speak as if you weren't human," I said "Perhaps it is because I'm not." Eros is a prince, forced into a life in he wants nothing to do with. But...
  • archery
  • gods
  • magic
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New Girl at CHB by MapleRose150
New Girl at CHBby Maple Rose
I do not own Pjo, sadly. Rick does! I only own the main charater, Lily. This is a Pjo fanfic. SLOW UPDATES! ********* Lily is a girl with lots to hide. She has amazing...
  • chb
  • maplerose150
  • hoo
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The Curse of the Demigods (Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Crossover) by dollamira
The Curse of the Demigods (Harry P...by lmfao
Harry Potter and Percy Jackson meet . Voldemort and Kronos have shared souls and there is a new prophecy of the TWO WORLDS . In times of crisis . There is a decision . A...
  • dumbledore
  • camphalfblood
  • crossovers
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Percabeth Stories by SoulofMusic22
Percabeth Storiesby SoulofMusic22
This is after PJO and HoO, its a combination of headcannons, short stories, and people meet demigods and other things I think of. Enjoy!
  • percyjackson
  • fanfic
  • drama
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