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Nyctophilia by nerdyalyssa
Nyctophiliaby Alyssa Jean
nyctophilia nyc·to·phil·i·a (nĭk'tə-fĭl'ē-ə) n. A preference for the night or darkness. "He was darkness, death himself. His name was Thanatos" Hades right h...
  • historical
  • thanatos
  • greek
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The tale of Chu Qie; Mismatched Pair (Complete) by CrazyLazySloth
The tale of Chu Qie; Mismatched Pa...by G.M
For nights and days, she dreamt to be in his arms. She dreamt to share everything to him. She dreamt to be his everything and to be his very own wife. So she ignored al...
  • complicated
  • godesses
  • gods
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Daughter of Cupid (Luke Castellan fan fic) by Alycat1901
Daughter of Cupid (Luke Castellan...by Alex Gedgaudas
Carys Harlow, was never normal. Being a daughter of Cupid, how could you be? After leaving Camp Halfblood, she feels she can finally start making an attempt at a normal...
  • lilycollins
  • abel
  • luke
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Land Before Love. by GeorgetteT
Land Before Love.by Georgette
Aleenia is forced into an arranged marriage. It wasn't uncommon for her not to know the man she is going to wed. But it would seem nobody knows who her soon to be husban...
  • duty
  • historical
  • gods
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The stories of Game Night by CharaAndHerStories
The stories of Game Nightby Chara
A mythical version of the stories and people in Game Night. A girl named Neptuna Echora, is forced to go to a school named "Game Night". Day by day, she will d...
  • games
  • monsters
  • gods
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The Guardians of the Otherworld(Prequel to TAW) by KAYDAY1313
The Guardians of the Otherworld(Pr...by Kassidy Duda
(This is the prequel to my other book The Angel Within. You do not need to read it to understand this but it may help in understanding my little world and writing!) Amit...
  • angels
  • godesses
  • tradegy
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Welcome, The Gods by Shroyon
Welcome, The Godsby Shroyon Dasgupta
The heavens are in chaos. The usually calm Gods are running helter-skelter and there is no order at all. What could have caused the Goddess Durga to be anxious and worr...
  • fantasy
  • mythology
  • bengali
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The Fallen Angels: The Dark Queen by cyruschase1
The Fallen Angels: The Dark Queenby cyrus chase
Nathan, Megan, Luke, Kortney, Jordan, Adan, K.J. and many more are in for a fight. This evil queen isn't here to mess around. Queen Amelia begins raging through the plan...
  • jordanjones
  • action
  • thriller
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Loving Sunshine by An_Angel_in_Distress
Loving Sunshineby Meg
When Raven meets a beautiful stranger on a dark night, far away from home, her life is changed forever. He's gorgeous with eyes as blue as the sky but he's hiding someth...
  • gods
  • godsandgodesses
  • sun
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The World of Worship by RolePlayAllDay
The World of Worshipby ~A
  • worship
  • minions
  • godesses
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Queen Of The Gods  by dreamds
Queen Of The Gods by dreamds
"I am night, and you, should be afraid." "I have loved the stars too fondly to fear the night and not love it." *** Nyx stood at or near the beginni...
  • adventure
  • light
  • magic
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me and my friends as gods by Candyunicorn717
me and my friends as godsby Candyunicorn717
no I didn't steal the idea from Kyle 😊
  • freind
  • godesses
The Birthmark by reneetheplatypus
The Birthmarkby Renee
Selene Castellanos was just an average 16 year old with an extraordinary marking on her right wrist of a sun and a moon. Her parents have always told her that everyone e...
  • moon
  • gods
  • marking
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A Place Where God Only Knows  by Chibi_Hinata
A Place Where God Only Knows by Chibi_Hinata
[Inspired by Ashes of Love] Yue-hai is the duaghter of the one and only Goddess of Floral and Cultivating. after the death of her mother, the Floral realm went into hidi...
  • ancient
  • romance
  • godesses
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Greek Gods and Goddesses by WolfLover_61
Greek Gods and Goddessesby WolfLover_61
Here are all the Greek Gods and Goddesses
  • information
  • ancient
  • gods
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The Golden Oblesk [on hold] by kiblka45
The Golden Oblesk [on hold]by Karen Kibler
Two young sisters set out on a quest to save the world from Evil magicians, ancient gods, and a strange hot dog vender.
  • ice
  • aoife
  • karenkibler
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Callie Sarandon & The Olympians: The Oracle of Delphi (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by AkiaMiguel
Callie Sarandon & The Olympians: T...by Akia Miguel B. C.
Callie Sarandon always knew about terrifying monsters chasing after her ever since she stopped being homeschooled. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a very young a...
  • goddess
  • godesses
  • power
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Bittersweet by native_luv_xo
Bittersweetby native_luv_xo
Legend said if you listen closely you can still hear the screams and cries of all the victims of the high power that was Ophelia Mora... Hundreds years have past since...
  • godesses
  • werewolves
  • romance
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Hero's Blood by ary6644
Hero's Bloodby Lisa
Twin children born with royal blood, A girl born with the soul of a god, A boy who lives in flame and steel, And a fighter who's hands are stained with the blood of othe...
  • tower
  • laststand
  • swords
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