Cupid's surprise

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Percy looked at the guy, and instantly his face hardens.

I surprisingly, am the one who broke the silence.

"Percy's the only demigod child of Poseidon." I exclaim, raising an eyebrow.

The guy turns to look at me, and his bold green eyes send shudders down my spine.

"Never said I was a demigod." He smiles. "My mother is Amphitrite. Sea-goddess, and wife of Poseidon."

"Whoa...So you're two sides...God?" Annabeth questions, looking amazed.

"Yep." The guy, Triton, grins.


I begin..."If you're not human, why do you look...."

"Normal?" Triton asks, throwing me an adorable smirk. "Well...When I enter the ocean, my true form is shown."

"You're a mermaid?"I ask.

Annabeth slaps her forehead while Triton winces.

I always know how to embarass myself...

"Actually, the proper term is merman, but yes, that sums it up." Triton says, grinning.

Percy, looks a bit taken aback by hearing all of this. "So...You're here..." He remarks bitterly.

I do a double take. "You know each other?"

"Yeah....Percy and I met before the final battle..." Triton says, beginning to look a little uncomfortable.

"I wasn't too nice to you the last time we met......But that was wrong. My mother and father have a pretty rocky relationship to put it best. She outnumbers him in having kids with other people."

Triton rolls his eyes. "And you..."

He says to Annabeth, clearly wanting to change the subject; "Are a daughter of Athena!"

Annabeth nods

"And you...." Triton started looking towards me, but he stops mid sentence.

I look above my head. There's nothing. No heart with an arrow pierced through it. I haven't been claimed by Eros.

Glancing around, I notice more than one set of eyes are on me, as if hoping silently for my own sake a symbol will appear to mark me.

Peering around, there isn't one person in the group of people who doesn't have a symbol over them.

Even Clarisse, I notice, has been reclaimed by Ares.

"Are an unclaimed daughter." I finish bitterly, wanting to be anywhere than in the spot I was at this very moment.


A cruel sounding laughter comes from behind me. "Well that's a sad day when Ares proves to be a better parent than Eros!" Clarisse smirks, coming into view.

She and Chris both have the symbols of their parents overhead.

Tears start to prickle at my eyes.

"Carys..." Annabeth begins.

"Uh... I'm gonna go unpack, I'll help you bring your bag over to Athena's in a minute." I smile, wanting to get out of this damned park, and fast.

"You can st...."

Annabth started, but I had already started running back to the Hermes dorm.

I was naïve. Cupid doesn't give a damn about me.

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