My new boyfriend

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At the end of the day when I've finally finished all my classes, and advanced archery, I'm feeling exhausted.
Between reliving memories of the war with Percy and Annabeth, and dealing with Triton's frightening marriage proposal, I want nothing more to crawl under my covers to sleep....Or go back to see Asclepious.
I shake my head.
It's probably weird to be missing him when I just saw him this morning.

My messenger bag feels heavier as I remember something inside of it.
After slow dancing this morning with him, he surprised me with giving me the small laptop that had been playing the music.
I tried refusing it, but he claimed to have two more just like it so that he wouldn't be missing it.
Which means either his mom or dad is completely loaded to afford so many, or he's besties with those sneaky Hermes kids.
Those guys could steal your shoes while you were still wearing them and you wouldn't even notice.

I pause, thinking of something. I don't actually know Asclepious's godly parent....For all I know, he could be a son of Hermes I guess.
When I think of Hermes kids, I'm automatically reminded of the annoying Stoll twins. Asclepious doesn't remind me anything of those two.

I set up the laptop and fire it up. Once it's ready, I decide to shoot my aunt an email.
It's been a good month since I attempted to Iris Message her.
Gods it's been awhile since I've been around a computer. It takes me a moment to even remember my own email account.
A pinging noise on the side of the screen distracts me completely.

Is requesting an IM conversation.

My mouth drops in surprise.
Well it's clearly not for me...This is Asclepious's computer...
Glancing at the clock on the screen, it's past midnight.
Some girl wants to start a conversation with him now?
No one starts a conversation with someone this late at night if they weren't interested in a person romantically!
Or do they......
It appears my lack of a social media life leaves me unsure of this. Maybe it's just a friendly IM?
But as I read the IM, my mouth drops further.

Hello my sweet !

A gnawing emotion is nagging me in the pit of my stomach. He gave me a computer that he uses to IM a girl!?
From his self-described hermit status, I didn't even know he was interacting with other people let-alone other girls...
I suppose we're not dating since he's never really brought it up title wise......But still, I'm not sure what annoys me more. That he's spends his nights talking to other girls, or that he's interested in some twit who actually refers to herself as ThGorgeous1.

My blasted luck it's probably an airhead Aphrodite girl. They seem to be the only ones vain enough to give themselves a name like that.
Curiosity overwhelmes me, to the point where I want to discover her identity...

Hello to you too :)

I quickly type back, hoping I said something that he would say to her. Wait, could the smiley have been over-kill.....Styx! I haven't made a stupid smiley in so long, it seemed like something someone would do.
I don't have to wait long for a reply.

Gods I miss you.....What I would give for you to be next to me right now. <3

My shoulders slump, defeated.  This SO does not feel like a conversation between strictly friends...
Oh my Gods...I am internet-challenged....From a sideways glance the end of the sentence looks like there's a heart!
Tilting my head slightly....It is a heart.
Damn you technology....

Now I just feel weird. I spent my entire night playing videogames and then shared a romantic slow-dance with him this morning, and  that entire time he was already seeing another girl?
How the heck can you make a broken heart icon...

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