Mafia Mistake #Wattys2017 by MyLife_As
Mafia Mistake #Wattys2017by Isabella
She wore smiles. He wore a mask. She held conversation. He held threats. She handles magazine covers. He handles guns. Alessa, an occupied model comes into a fatal colli...
  • fight
  • mob
  • protection
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Love Notes by miaaamiamia
Love Notesby miaaamiamia
Eros Taptiklis - The heir of billion dollars Taptiklis Enterprises Holdings Inc. As well as a famous singer in Greece. He had everything that every man wished. Fans, mo...
  • romance
  • cocky
  • heiress
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ENAMOURED ✓ by agatharoza
ENAMOURED ✓by rosen
❝Truth or dare?" I rolled my eyes. "Dare. I got enough truth tonight and you know me inside out anyway." "Dare, hm? Let me think of someth...
  • new-adult
  • completed
  • entwined
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The Substitute Bride [PUBLISHED] by sweetblunch
The Substitute Bride [PUBLISHED]by sweetblunch
*Published under Pop Fiction* He'd just have one problem in life... Nikos Pallis doesn't want a wife. The gorgeous Greek billionaire was notoriously known for having tor...
  • nikos
  • greek
  • laila
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How To Be A Queen (Myths Finding Love #1) by AerithSage
How To Be A Queen (Myths Finding Alyssa Urbano
Since the dawn of time, Hades, the King of the Underworld has been alone in the gloomy realm of the dead. Cursing the eternity he'll spend alone, he thinks it might be t...
  • greek
  • hades
  • fantasy
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The Greek Tycoon's Baby by CuteBabyGirl
The Greek Tycoon's Babyby Mary Christophidis
Evelyn White is in love with her boss, Alexander Stefopoulos. Has been since the first month she began working as his secretary. One night she hoped there was something...
  • secretary
  • rich
  • greek
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Alpha Omega by mahriyumm
Alpha Omegaby Mariam
❕ Achieved: #1 in Fantasy ▪Third Book of Semideus Saga▪ Alpha Omega - refers to the twelve demigods destined for the upcoming rebellion. The world has changed. Tim...
  • teen
  • epic
  • fantasy
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Ichor by TriciaDehler
Ichorby Trish L.D
"I am the air that you breathe, the man you think about even when you open your eyes, and I am soon going to be your everyday reality." /// After Mount Olympu...
  • ichor
  • possessive
  • fantasy
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Hades (Hades Series #1) by _caitlinemma
Hades (Hades Series #1)by caitlin
Evie Autumn, like almost every other nineteen year old was just your average, unimportant, everyday girl. She attended university, she had that one quirk that everyone t...
  • teenfiction
  • greek
  • hadesseries
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THE SPACE BETWEEN US by ilvermournings
THE SPACE BETWEEN USby ugh, as if!
***A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY*** [ extended summary inside ] ❝ YOU'RE MY GALAXY, SYDNEY. ❞ Time-travelling is not easy and when you're supposed to save the future-world f...
  • greek
  • earth
  • timetravel
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Hades and Persephone - Scandal of Olympus by SilverReins
Hades and Persephone - Scandal Christina Silver
Her parents claimed Hades took her against her will, but they couldn't have been more wrong. This is the story of how Persephone fell in love with the ruler of the under...
  • forbiddenromance
  • forbiddenlove
  • alphamale
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The Sea God's One-Night-Stand (ON HOLD) by Alycat1901
The Sea God's One-Night-Stand ( Alex Gedgaudas
How to have your life flip-turned upside down in five easy steps. ⇨1) Find out your long-term boyfriend has been cheating on you with your assistant. ⇨2) Get completely...
  • poseidon
  • greekmythology
  • fantasy
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Judge Me Not ... by Vanicao
Judge Me Not Vanicao
June has a one night passionate encounter with a stranger named Dmitri. She then returns to her very ordinary life only to realise that 'her stranger' is none other than...
  • london
  • romance
  • justwriteit
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The Forbidden Child by Sportygirlsteph
The Forbidden Childby Sportygirlsteph
Growing up in Manhattan, sixteen year-old Zoe thought she was like everyone else. That is until she gets in a fight with her Aunt Rachel. Suddenly she is attacked by mon...
  • daughter
  • percyjackson
  • heroesofolympus
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Hades, His Jewel by presleysangel
Hades, His Jewelby presleysangel
Hades, god of the underworld finds himself in the mortal world. Zeus has decided he's bored and has dragged Hades, along with a few of the other gods, into his version o...
  • greek
  • gods
  • zeus
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PBS #2:The Billionaire's Wife(Updated Weekly) by StilettoGodmother01
PBS #2:The Billionaire's Wife( Ⓣamanny Ⓝafel
Highest Rank In Romance {136} 12/10/17 Venus Angelopolis is forced into a marriage for her brother's life because of a feud that started years ago between the two famili...
  • arrangedmarraige
  • lovestory
  • billionaire
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The Lost Goddess  |Wattys 2018 by Sportygirlsteph
The Lost Goddess |Wattys 2018by Sportygirlsteph
After the second giant war, the Seven and leaders of both camps have been made partially immortal to train future generations of demigods. Soon a new demigod arrives at...
  • percyjackson
  • greek
  • heroesofolympus
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War and Thunder ~ Thor Odinson by TheRandomRhia
War and Thunder ~ Thor Odinsonby r h i a
Athena is alone. Coming home to find her family - the Gods of Olympus - frozen in an eternal slumber, she knows she must find a way to free them from the curse, but with...
  • myth
  • forbidden
  • tonystark
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Revelations [malexmale] by rotXinXpieces
Revelations [malexmale]by Rotty
It's the final showdown. The Shifter is done playing games. The war reaches its peak. The fate of the universe is at hand. And Lucifer finds himself questioning everythi...
  • demons
  • lucifer
  • greek
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The Lost Asgardian by Alycat1901
The Lost Asgardianby Alex Gedgaudas
Ava James is considered a mental case. There are three simple words used to define her ever since she was a little girl who claimed cats could speak. Crazy. Psychotic. D...
  • mythology
  • fantasy
  • thor
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