From Frienemies to Partners

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"Asshat." I mumble.

If he's not even going to take my suspects seriously, what the tardis does he want from me?! If the God of friggen War can't find something he's looking for, why must **I** be the one to find it!?
A knock at my door interrupts my angry thoughts.

Opening the door, I find Nico leaning against my door frame, arms crossed.
"So we playing hookie now, I see?" He asks coyly, smirking.

I frown.
Oh no....I'm missing my History class.
Wait a second...

"Apparently so are you." I counter, rolling my eyes.

"Yup." Nico replies, walking in and taking a seat on my bed.

"So....Anything you want to share, Care..." He asks, raising a dark eyebrow.

Hmm....I recognize this look. It;s Nico's infamous *I-know-you-have-a-secret-you're-not-sharing* look.

"No..." I shrug,

Nico nods. "Is that so?"

Styx. What does he know...
I bite onto my upper lip, saying nothing.

"Nothing.....Huh? Not a tiny little thing to share with your Nick Nak..." He asks innocently, re-crossing his arms.

He definitely knows something...
I sigh.

"Carys." Nico demands, narrowing his eyes, expecting me to spill.

I wince. "FINE! I may have been the one who came up with your nicknames of Death Boy, Ghost face, Zombie Dude, and Night of the living dead." I hang my head in shame.
I've gone a few years without this secret being revealed...

"Wait.........what!?!? I was talking about you having a quest you didn't tell me about!" Nico exclaims.

"Oh, that.."

"Yes, that!" Nico shakes his head. "Honestly, Care, you didn't think I'd hear about a Godly relic like Cupids bow going missing?"
He rolls his dark eyes.

"Ugh....I didn't want to have to drag you into it. It's bad enough Percy and Annabeth have to go through this with me" I mutter, kicking my boot against the carpet.

"Carys, WHY do you think I'm even here? I'm here to watch out for you, diaper baby!"

I roll my eyes. Diaper baby is a not-so-fun nickname I occasionally get from Nico when he's ticked at me.
"You came to college to help me?"

Nico scowls.
"Well duh. A godly relic is stolen, something could most possibly HELP a former follower of Kronos, and you think I'm going to let my best friend look for it without me? As if."
He stalks over to the door, chin raised high.

"Look I've gone back and forth on telling you for awhile, I just didn't know how to...."

"Oh PLEASE Carys! I'm a son of the God of the Underworld. You don't need to protect me!
I......I don't even think I can look at you the same way again..." He growls.

I feel my heart sink.

"Nope." He puts his hand out, holding his angry glance.
"I mean yes we'll walk together to that stupid advanced weapons class right now, but I will not enjoy that walk wholeheartedly." He huffs, trying hard not to crack a smile.

He's just messing with me...
"You jerk." I laugh, as I grab my bag holding Amor and head out the door.


"So....YOU'RE the one who invented those names....."
Nico asks, as we make our way towards a large area on the outskirts of the forest.
For some reason, our weapons classes seem to be around the same area. Usually, archery, swords, axe's, and knives training have been in seperate classes altogether.
Instead of working on weapons you're not good at, Godlike University seems to encourage people to work exclusively on your one skill-set.
I've never been in a training class yet with anyone I know. Who I've been with the past couple weeks are newbie archers, or young children who belong to children of Ero's demigod children who live here, or Apollo people.

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