Evil intentions

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So I may have gone a lot longer than I originally intended do with updating this story. It's come to my attention I now have five fanfictions and I haven't finished a single one. o,o
This fanfic is number one on my list to finish along with one-day editing it.

It's a two-year old book that I didn't really notice how badly written grammar-wise it was until re-reading it. I'll get to editing it some day...Anyway, Happy reading!


After the unconscious Luke was moved to a secluded section of the infirmary, Elmo took Leo and I to another secluded section to look for someone he wanted to see.
"The golden bow is something not to fool around with....Did you ever hear the story of how Cupid and Psyche met?" Elmo asked, frowning as I shook my head.

"I haven't really cared too much to hear about it" I answer honestly.

Elmo rolled his eyes in annoyance. He looked peeved I didn't already know the story. "Long ago, Apollo and father got into an heavy argument. It was right after Lord Apollo defeated Python. Apollo was saying he believed his archery skills were far more superior than fathers..."

"He had a big head" I interrupt with a snort, causing Elmo to shush me.

Elmo glances around, somewhat looking as though he expects both our father and Apollo to appear from thin air. Luckily, neither do.
"Shh....It's still a sore subject for both parties...Anyway, to get even, father struck Apollo with a gold-tipped arrow showing that he'll be in everlasting love with the first woman he comes across. Apollo then found the nymph Daphne, and was immediately smitten with her. But Daphne was hit with fathers led-tipped arrow, thus leaving her not wanting to love anyone."

"So what happened?"

Leo suddenly jumps in to explain. "Daphne got her river God dad to turn her into a tree so she didn't have to be with Apollo. Then, Apollo did something about wearing the tree leaves into his crown and on his harp because he grieved for her.....Right?"

Elmo nodded solemnly. "But my point being, no one has a choice on loving another when hit with the golden bow. The same goes for the Gods. Apollo didn't have a choice, just like father didn't."

I double take, not understanding. "Cupid got hit with his own arrow??"

Elmo nods. "Long ago, Aphrodite was appalled by the mortals saying Psyche was so beautiful, she was a second coming of Venus. So in retaliation, she ordered her son to strike Psyche, forcing her to fall madly in love with the ugliest creature she could find. "

I grimace. That's very evil of Aphrodite and yet I can wholeheartedly believe it from how vain she is. Still, that was pretty cold.

"-But the night father was forced to strike Psyche, he was amazed by how beautiful she was, causing himself to accidently hit himself with his own golden arrow...."

"Wait, wait wait..." I shrug with a frown. "You mean to tell me Cupid hit himself with his own arrow? That doesn't sound right..."

Leo shrugged beside me. "That's how the story goes..."

"But Cupid, Apollo, and Artemis are the best archers...How did he accidently hit himself?" I question in disbelief.

"Are you going to let me finish??" Elmo grumbles, crossing his muscled arms. "He had no choice in loving Psyche, the choice was made for him once he was hit."

"Okay....So the lesson is even Gods can fall hard under the golden bows spell....What happened to Luke?" I question with a frown.

Elmo grimaces. "I've seen this before.....Luke Castellan was hit twice with a lesser arrow of the golden bow. What that does, is it makes love obsessive. It no longer is just the beautiful art of love; it's instead possessive, and controlling. If not properly deduced, it could lead someone to seriously harming the person they feel they're in love with."

I swallow a lump in my throat, concern filling me. "Well we can fix him, right?? It wont be permanent?"

"It'll take some ambrosia to start the detox, along with staying away from the person they're enamored with, but he should be fine" Elmo shrugged in a uncaring matter.

Eventually we reach a hallway, where there's a young man sitting in a chair beside a door. His dark head is slumped into his hands, and he smells as though he's been spraying an overwhelming amount of body spray over himself to compensate for lack of showering.

"What are we doing here?" I ask curiously.

"I want to show you proof that someone on campus is using the golden bow of fathers to disrupt his children." Elmo growls quietly, motioning for me to follow him. "How is she, brother?" He asks the dark haired guy in the chair.

The man's head flicked up, revealing his tired eyes. "Not that great, E...She nearly stabbed me after I hugged one of the Amy's who came up to say hello."

I nearly find myself laughing that he referred to one of our various sisters as one-of-the-Amy's, but I shouldn't when he also mentioned his girlfriend tried to stab him. "Why would she want to stab you?" I question with a frown.

Elmo and the guy turn towards me, where the guy raised a hand to lightly wave at Leo and I. "Name's Angel." The guy says sadly.

"I'm Carys, and this is Leo."

"She's another sister." Elmo explained.

Angel does a double take. "A sister not named Amora....Shocking." He comments, before returning his sad gaze to the floor.

"Do you mind giving an example of how Sabrina is doing?" Elmo asks.

"What, you wanna rub it in she wants to tear my guts out?" Angel asked quietly, a light glare on his face.

"No....Carys' boyfriend was also hit...He stinks of being hit by the golden bow. I think someone is out to get all of us."

I stare at Elmo in confusion, as does Leo and Angel. "You think whoever has dad's bow is purposely hitting people we love?" Angel asked in surprise.

Elmo shook his dark head. "Yes and no....I believe they're hitting our loved ones to distract us. Making it so that we're so preoccupied with whatever damage the people around us are doing, we're oblivious to whatever it is someone is planning right in front of us."

"That would be brilliant." I remark, as Leo bobs his head in agreement. But I realize something incredibly scary. Say someone is hitting the people we love with Cupids missing bow, that would mean the person was still on campus...
"That means the bow thief is somewhere close by." I announce, horrified by the very thought. If the person wanted, they could hit anyone and everyone with the magical golden bow that constantly has a new quiver full of arrows without you ever having to get new ones.

Elmo nods, a grimace developing on him as he turns to me. "You two aren't the first ones to have someone hit...Amy L, Amey H, and fat Amy all had boyfriends hit with anti-arrows."

I want to remark calling someone 'Fat Amy' isn't appropriate before I remember there are bigger problems at large.
"So someone's intentionally going around campus and hitting our loved ones with anti arrows...." I murmur.

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