Welcome to college

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"When...When do I have to leave?"

I ask quietly.

"Well, the sooner the better..." Aphrodite responds.

"So it's safe to assume that if I don't do your bidding, there's some Gods awful punishment in it for me, or he'll kill someone I love?"

I ask, nodding my head to the direction of the malevolent Ares.

Aprohdite's bright eyes go wide. "No, of course not! He wouldn't do such a......"

I tune Aphrodite out while I peer behind her and see Ares is nodding his head at me.

Nothing like a good ole blackmailing by family.

"If you succeed, you will be greatly rewarded....But I doubt any reward will be as great as seeing your father safe and sound." Aphrodite murmurs.

I keep my mouth shut tight.
Little does she know, I couldn't care where or what Cupid has gotten himself into.


After a brief goodbye from Aphrodite, and a very (short) teraful goodbye with my aunt and uncle, I have the unfortunate luck of being escorted to the "university" by none other than Ares.

Within the snap of his fingers, we're on his motorcycle speeding down an interstate at a blazing speed.

Trees envelope the area around me, where it almost looks like we're headed to camp halfblood.

Instead, Ares' bike stops in front of two golden gates on the outskirts of the highway.
No signs, no buildings, just the two closed gates.

"Get off." Ares barks at me as I clamber off his bike.

"Wait!" I shout over the loud roar of his bike.

"What do I do now?"

Ares scowls. "What am I, your babysitter? Figure it out yourself, kid!"

Before kicking his kickstand off and roaring down the empty street.

"Ass hat" I mutter under my breath, taking in my surroundings.

I look down both ends of the interstate.

For miles it looks like, in both directions.

I look back at the gates before me. All that stands is two rusty gold gates, that open as soon as I near them. Looking beyond the gates, is just farmland. You can't see anything for miles.

In Greek, the words overhead the gates read

"Children of the Gods, all welcome."

"Toto, I have a feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore." I mutter to myself before walking through the gates.

As soon as I step through them, I immediately take notice of how BIG Godlike University actually is. I don't believe I've ever seen a college campus this big. The dorms? Look as tall as skyscrapers.

Heck, I don't think I've seen Condos this big.

This resembles nothing of Camp halfbloods rustic nature. It looks as though it could pass for any other college in the country.

You know, besides the teenaged looking kids running around in battle armor and satyrs kicking a tin can around.

That you don't see everyday at a regular college.

"Excuse me, is there like an information desk anywhere?" I ask politely, but the group of guys seem more concerned with something else.

I continue walking, hoping to find somebody in charge. I thought starting camp halfblood had been frightening. There, there were other kids my age or younger either starting off or some wanting to help the new campers.

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