My very own dirty little secret..

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The next week passed by too fast with classes and weapons training for me to really focus too intently on why Asclepious was pretending to be a cyclops.

I've briefly been asking around about him, but the info I'm getting is limited. He's the cyclops son of Apollo who's studying to become a healer, but mostly he's a loner who keeps to himself. I've wanted to devote more time to looking into his history, but I still have the problem of Eros's missing bow lingering.

"Meet anyone suspicious lately?" Percy asks from Annabeths floor as he flips through a history book.

Annabeth sighs. "Not one of Ero's kids come off that they resent the Gods in any way....The ones I've spoken to LOVE their dad!" She huffs, falling back onto her bed.

We've taken to mostly hanging out in Annabeths room in the Athena dorm. It was the closest meet up spot since her dorm was smack between mine and Percy's.

I have the sneaking suspicion Percy didn't want to meet at his Poseidon cabin for the chance of running into Triton.

I'm not sure what his problem is with the guy, but he still doesn't like him. It must be something about meeting new siblings.

"Same problem here....Every sibling I've spoken to, even the older ones entering their thirties, have nothing but respect for him." I say, annoyed.

It was true. Ej, Aimee, and other siblings speak of ole Cupid as if he's dad of the year. Oddly enough, I'm probably the only child of his who holds strong resentment from him not being present in life.

Go figure that I'm the one who has to save the day by finding his damn bow.

"Hmm..." Percy mutters to himself, sitting up to stare out the window.

"What are you thinking Seaweed brain?" Annabeth asks, closing her book.

"I was just thinking....About when Zeus's master bolt was stolen...." Percy says carefully, deciding his words.

Annabeths eyes widen.

I shrug. "Well, I think this time we can cross Luke Castellan off the suspect list," I yawn, arching my back in a stretch. The guy has been long past dead for the last year, I don't think he's stealing anymore godly relics...

Annabeth frowns. "Are you trying to say you think it's someone's who's playing us?"

I consider this. I wasn't at camp half blood during the lightning bolt being stolen, I came a year later. From the stories I've heard, Luke Castellan earned Percy's trust while secretly deceiving him.

A sigh escapes me. "I bet he's right. It's probably someone who seems to be a friend to us."

That would be genius. Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. For all we know, any of our newfound friends could be the thief.

"Triton". Percy grits his teeth nodding.

Annabeth and I both explode in a series of protests over that accusation.

"You just don't like him because your dad was married when he met your mom!" She accuses, rolling her grey eyes

" I just don't want to believe someone that gorgeous is a thieving jerk.." I wave my hand over my face, pretending to tear up.

Percy softly launches a pillow at me. "I'm serious, guys. He's someone older, seemingly friendly and trying to take us under his wing....It reminds me of Luke."

"Aw don't compare him to Castellan.." I roll my eyes. "I don't believe ANYONE here even the thief, deserves to be compared to that ass hat."

Annabeth shoots me a wounded gaze, that automatically makes me feel bad. "Cary's, you didn't KNOW him. He sacrificed himself for mankind!" Her eyes go glossy. Percy, nods, but says nothing.

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