When it all goes up in flames. Luke's POV

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~Carys POV~

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've fallen to the floor.
Judging from the way the sun's positioned out Annabeths window, I can tell it's really late in the afternoon by now.
I'm missing my History class...

But I can't seem to peel myself from where I'm sitting. Styx, I can't seem to be forming coherent thoughts at the moment.
In a way, I can't believe I didn't see this coming....The signs were there....Everything was there....From how cyclops treat him differently, to how strange he would act around Annabeth and Percy...
Not to mention the strange way he acted around Thalia...

Before I'm even aware of my actions I've leapt up from my spot on the floor, slowly letting the blood re-circulate back into my legs.
 Walking over to grab the photo off the dresser, I exit the room knowing who it is I have to talk to...
~Luke's POV~

I'm officially a hypocrite.
Thinking back on the last couple days, I actually had the balls to tell Carys she should've been honest with me.
All the while I'm doing my damnedest to hide the fact that Luke Castellan is alive and well.

The look on her beautiful face was shame...As if she felt guilty that she didn't tell me about some dipstick prophecy.
I felt awful as soon as the words had left my mouth, but before I had a moment to retract them she gave me a hug and apologized to me.

I, am a prick.
A hypocritical, prick.

Though.....Is it really lying when she's never actually asked me my name before? I mean she's asked me why I need mist, but she's never come out and just asked what my real name is...
She has the ability to charm-touch people. She could've just grabbed my arm and made me tell her who I am. But she hasn't....
Hell, maybe secretly she already knows.

I groan as I easily make it past the climbing circuit wall to proceed to the sword station.
I'm making excuses for myself in the comfort of my own head.
I've now reached the epitome of pathetic.
Makes it even more surprising that a girl as amazing as Carys actually likes me.

As I make it to the sword fighting section, I'm cut off as a familiar shaggy dark head has made his way over to me.
I refrain from rolling my eyes.
 I'm quickly discovering there isn't a more annoying person on this planet than Nico di Angelo.
Ever since the little weasel revealed  he could see through my mist, he's been a constant pain in my ass.

"What the hell do you want now?" I ask, bored beyond belief with his attempts to threaten me.

I'm not too sure what pisses the guy off more.
My past discrepancies, or that I'm dating his best friend.
Hell, maybe it's both.

His eyes narrow. "What? I told you I'd be keeping an eye on you Castellan." He sneers, glancing around to make sure we can't be overheard.

I roll my eyes.
Occasionally he's take to following me around campus, or having a hell-hound of his watch me as I go to and from classes.
"You have something you've been wanting to say, so just spit it out already." I growl.

Nico's paces a short distance, as his dark eyes narrow. "I don't trust you." He announces, holding his icy glare on me.

Not even be able to help myself, I roll my eyes again. "No, Really?? Because having your pooches follow me gave me the impression we were becoming the best of friends." I respond cooly, letting the sarcasm coat my words.

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