Fates and Frights

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Dedicated to Chinadaisy_13 for the AMAZING book cover!! I am still giving a fangirl squeal every time I see it! xD


The rest of my night passed by with dreamless sleep.
By the time morning rolled around to shine through my dorm room, even the bright light behind my eyelids was giving me a headache.

I awake alone, blinking my eyes open to adjust to the light.

Strangely enough, I could swear  last night I had fell asleep resting against Luke...
But as I look around the room, I can't find a sign that he was ever actually here.

Slowly getting out of my bed, I find I'm in my clothes from last night.
My clothes, are proof some of the events of last actually transpired.
But as the night starts to come back to me, I can't help but wonder if some of the events actually had happened. Did Luke hit Triton, and then did I really confess my love to him and then he revealed he loved me back?

Misery fills me as I realize I couldn't have possibly had such a night.

Sighing, I go to my closet to scoop up a new change of clothes. Jean shorts and a mint green tee seemed to be a good choice.
After a long shower in a attempt to clear my head of the dull pain that's currently throbbing through it, I dry my hair completely leaving my mahogany hair cascading in wavy curls down my back.
After a quick brush of teeth, I realize I should probably just go back to bed to sleep this headache off.

But as I shuffle back to bed, I find that someone's already in it..
Luke's sprawled out on my large coffin bed, with his hands cupping the back of his head.

I gasp loudly, jumping slightly.

He grins, shooting me a small wave.
"And I thought you would be happy to see me, Red."

My jaw drops, realizing that last night really  happened. I feel a massive grin spread across my face as I watch him grin back at me.

Luke sits up, still grinning, as I rush over to throw my arms around him in a tight hug.
"I couldn't be certain if last night actually happened." I mumble into the crook of his neck.

He sighs, returning my hug. "Yep, it actually happened. You got drunk from jello shots, I punched a mermaid...And then you told me how you're madly, hopelessly  in love with me..."

I chuckle, pulling away from the hug.
"I don't remember that last  part."

Luke nods seriously. "Well, it happened. You also said I was an amazing kisser, and also something about how hot I was." He shrugs innocently, tossing me a wink.

"Now I really  don't remember." I tease, laughing at Luke's pretend wounded expression.

He sighs after a moment. "Makes sense. You were so wasted last night, I'm surprised you can remember your own name this morning." He frowns.
Reaching across my bed to a bag next to him, he brandishes a small cup of nectar and a tiny piece of ambrosia.
"Your hangover cure." He winks, handing it to me.

"This will make my headache go away?" I question, not quite believing it.

Luke nods. "You'll be fully cured. The glory of being descended from Gods." He grins, as I quickly chew and swallow the ambrosia while swigging the nectar.

Almost immediately, the dull throbbing in my head disappears completely. He was serious. It worked like he said.
better." I smile, as Luke pulls me in for a kiss.
Starting off slow, he moves his hands to firmly grasp the sides of my neck.

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