Something to Hide

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As my video-game character dies for about the FIFTH time since we started playing this stupid game, I'm just about ready to chuck my controller at the laughing Asclepious.

"Well, if makes you feel any better Red, you're still attractive even when you're a loser."

I swivel my head left to throw him an annoyed look, only to break out in laughter as he winks cheesily at me.
"I guess you're still cute, even when you're an obnoxious jackass." I reply, trying not to laugh.

He feigns a gasp, grasping at his heart.
"Cute? Cute.....I'll have you know I'm tons more than merely....Cute. " He scoffs, pretending to be annoyed.

I grin. It's not the obnoxious jackass part he doesn't like....It's referring to him as cute.
"Aw, are you really?" I coo, as he resets the diabolical game known as.....Mario Kart.

"Mm hmm. A beautiful girl once even went as far to say that I'm....Gorgeous." He sighs, placing his controller down to cup his hands behind his head.
Miraculously, even while completely setting down his controller and not playing, I'm still losing the game.

"Wow, what a cheesy thing for someone to have said." I reply nonchalantly, completely ignoring the fact that he's referencing when **I** had called him that.

"Yep...I could tell she wanted me right then and there." He replies cockily.

"EW! Gross...I don't want to hear about your love-life."
I scoff, as I expertly crash off of a rainbow road. I must do too well of a job pretending not to know what he's talking about, because before I know it, he's moved to sit right beside me.

"Are you sure about that...." He mumurs seductively.
"Because I was just about to get to a more exciting part..." He says quietly into my ear, causing me to shiver.

"Yeah...I still don't want to hear about your love-life." I deadpan, earning a hearty chuckle from him.

Warm lips are pressed firmly to the crook of my neck, causing me to lose focus and run my car off of the road once more.
As my little character starts to cry on screen for losing yet again, Asclepious grins.
"I was wondering what would happen if I tried that." He smirks, even as I slap his arm playfully.

"Cheater." I mutter.
Not that I particulary mind his version of cheating....
"Do you have any other games?" I sigh. "Honestly, if I lose in a stupid mario game one more time, I just might cry."

He grins. "I don't think you'd be able to handle any other games Carys." He nods towards his collection in a box next to the tv.
I walk over to examine them, and immediately recognize a game I played probably over a hundred times at camp halfblood with the guys, thanks to those hermes

As I bring  over the game to Asclepious, he shakes his head, chuckling. "Yeeeeeah I don't think so, Red. If you can't play a game as simple as this." He references by pointing to Mario. "You're not going to be able to play Call of Duty."

But I like the cover." I answer innocently.

Ten minutes into the game, he quickly realizes I've totally played before.

"Well that isn't fair....From how terrible you were at Mario, I assumed you were a noob!" He cries.

"A what?"

He grins. "A newbie.....You completely hussled me....Gods, good thing I didn't bet drachmas." He shakes his head. 

We sit in silence, as he watches me expertly kick some video game butt.
Right as I'm about to make an important move, he grips his hands around my waist, bringing me in close to him.
"Hey!" I cry, as I immediately start to lose.
"You can't do....."
But I'm suddenly cut-off as he nuzzles my neck affectionately, distracting me completely. He places small, butterfly kisses up my neck and across my jaw, to the point I unintentionally drop the controller onto the carpet from becoming so distracted by his movements.
I quickly lose a life.

"Hm..I'd say you just lost, Red." He smiles devilishly.

Already having an immedite counter-attack in mind, I keep quiet.
 I wait for him to start the game, and then I wait a little longer for him to become rather invested with it.
Watching his eyes, I notice how they seem to widen slightly by staring so intently at the screen.
The way they've appeared to glaze over, that's when I know he's completely absorbed.
Slowly, I make my way over to sit directly beside him. I yawn slightly, leaning my head into his shoulder. He stiffens, and I notice from the corner of my eye that his head has turned slightly to look at me.
He continues playing though, not suspecting a thing.
I turn my head to look at him, and can tell he's deeply focused on the game and his current position in it.
Very slowly, I sit up, and lightly press my lips against his warm cheek.
I now notice his scar on his face glinting slightly. Leaning in, I trail soft kisses from where it starts from his eye and then all the way down to his jaw line.
Now, I've completely distracted him to the point that he sets down the controller entirely.
I move and set myself onto his lap, cupping the back of his dandelion-soft hair to pull him into a kiss.
It's a passion-filled one that slowly turns into a much deeper kiss, even invoking a soft moan from him as well. 
 He slowly starts moving his hands to rest on my hips.
I get lost in the kiss myself, until the sound of the game signalling he lost is called.

Pulling myself away, I throw him a grin.
"Reeeevenge!" I cackle triumphantly.

His mouth drops like a brick.
"That is the most dibolical thing I have ever witnessed..........I'm impressed." He nods, his lips pulling into a smile.
I notice light is pooling into the room softly.......It shows it's early. Very early in the morning. Since the sun is rising, it shows it's 5am.

"Holy Styx...We stayed up all night playing video games!" I chuckle.

Asclepious cocks an eyebrow. "Well....Not just playing games...There was some fun stuff attached to it," He winks.

I sigh, standing. "I have to get back to the dorm."

"Whoa...Not by yourself you're not!"

I frown. "Well unless you have broomstick for me to use to Harry, I'm gonna be walking."

His confused glance gets me to start laughing.
"Another book reference." I chuckle.

He grins, before thinking about something.
"I'm bringing you back."

I had tried talking him out of it, but there was no stopping this guy once he's decided on something he wants to do.
After taking safety precautions to make sure he wasn't recognizeable...In his case, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, we made it out of the dorm without running into anyone.
Once outside, there's a few people out and about. A herd of what looks to be Ares kids are sparring  in the center of the courtyard, and  a group of satyrs are watching them.

As we make our way towards the Hermes dorm, Asclepious pauses. Taking my hand, he leads me behind the building to a small pathway next to the woods.

"What's this?" I ask as he gently pulls me along.

"A short-cut  that leads to my favorite place here." He answers with a mischievious grin.
Once we're further in the woods, he removes the sunglasses. He looks around, and walks to a tree with a dagger sticking out.

"It's my marker." He nods, pointing in another direction. We walk further, and luckily he was still holding onto my hand so I didn't do something as pitiful as trip on a twig.

It seems another ten minutes has past before we're brought to a landing right next to the edge of a cliff. Looking over it, the sun is just rising, giving the sky a beautifully soft glow.
Down below the cliff is the sea.
As we step closer, you can see the dark green waves crashing into the cliff far down below.
To say this place is beautiful would be an understatement. Overlooking it with the sun rising, eluminating white fluffy clouds, could be considered a version of paradise.

"I come here when I want to think." Asclepious says quietly, watching the sunrise.

"It's beautiful." I murmur, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness just watching it.

"It's alright." He shrugs.

"Alright?!" I squeal in shock.
The guy has to be kidding. Even beautiful doesn't seem to be an accurate desription.

 "I've seen something that's truly beautiful, and this has got nothing on her." He grins.

My heart skips a beat.
But I sigh.
"I thought I told you I didn't want to hear about your love life..." I trail off, pretending annoyance.

He chuckles lightly, pulling me into him.
We're now positioned where we're both watching the sunrise, his arms are wrapped around me, and his head is sitting on top of my own.

"You're making it so I never want to leave from this spot." I murmur.

He gives his attractive laugh.
"I was actually thinking the same thing....." He trails off, taking off the satchel I forgot he had brought along.
Undoing the bag, he removes a small laptop.

"You brought technology in the woods......What about monsters?!" I squeal softly.

He merely shrugs. "It's not like you were fully equipped with modern-world gear when you were attacked the last couple times." He points out.

"Touche....Why did you bring it?"

"Two reasons." He grins. "But for now...I just want to show you reason one."
 He clicks the laptop to life, messes with it for a moment, and it starts to play a lovely song.
He proceeds to set it down, and walk away from it.

"I remember a beautiful girl tried to get me to stay with her at a Cupid party...... I should've asked her to dance that night." He grimces.
"May I have this dance, Carys?"

"You may." I murmur, trying hard to keep myself from not being nervous. I grasp onto his hand, and walk closer to him.
Although, I can't help but feel nervous butterflies.
"I'm a terrible dancer." I whisper, as if we're completely surrounded in a large crowd rather than it just being the two of us alone on a cliff.

He shakes his head in pretend disgust at me.
 "I may have to rethink the  idea of liking you in general, then." He grimaces jokingly.
Bringing me in closer, he wraps his arms around my waist.
"Slow dancing isn't the same as dancing." He smiles, as I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck.

It's a lovely moment, the both of us just swaying softly to the melody.
His intoxicating woodsy-leathery aroma brings me in closer to him.

He sighs. "Tell me something I don't know about you." He asks softly, lightly brushing his fingertips at my waist.

"Hmm..." I trail off, trying to find something somewhat interesting.
 A random thought pops into my head. "I like gummi bears..." I giggle.

He snorts. "I know that already..."

"What! How?!"

Glancing a look up at him, he looks sheepish. "When you got your sleeping nectar, you were given ambrosia....Apparently it tasted like gummi bears to you." He gives a laugh, shaking his head at the memory.
"Not gummi worms, eh?" He grins, pressing his forehead against my own.

"Too creepy of a shape...The bears are just adorable." I grin, quickly placing a kiss on his smiling lips.

I think for a moment. "I want to become a writer....That's why I love reading so much...It's also why I left Camp Halfblood. I was going to attend a college with a creative writing program."
I grimace.

He looks at me questionably. "Why can't you still?"

I shrug, as the laptop starts playing another soft song.
"I guess I still can....Life just got in the way........Haven't you heard...Life's what happens while you're busy making other plans." I grin, entwining my hands around his neck.

He's quiet for a moment, processing my words.
"Isn't that the truth..." He murmurs quietly.

We sway back and forth, getting lost in the slow music, before I think of something.
"Why do you wear the mist?"

The way his body stiffens, and his eyes wince, you'd have thought I had attempted to stab him.
He's quiet, seeming to try and think of an answer. I glance a peek at his piercing blue orbs, and they look sad.
"Because I don't want people to know....Me." He says quietly, looking pained.

"You don't....Still think you're not a good person, do you?" I ask quietly.

His eyes grow misty. "I don't think it...I know I'm not." He says gloomily, tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear.
His hand lingers next to my cheek, where he moves it to graze my bottom lip with his thumb.
"I don't deserve someone like you in my life." He says solemnly, closing his eyes.

Unintentionally, I start to chuckle.
It's horribly rude, and I can't even seem to control it, but it causes his eyes to snap open. He watches me with an amused expression.
"We're on a similar thought process..." I giggle some more. "Because I don't think I deserve someone like you." I smile.

This seems to perplex him completely.
"Come again?"

I sigh.
"It's as if.....It's as if, you're my guardian angel. Truly, I don't know what kind of good karma I could've ever possibly come up with to meet someone as great as you."
I grimace, realizing how incredibly cheesy that must've sounded.

Now, it appears I've completely baffled him.
His blue eyes widen upon that declaration.
"Oh honey, I'm no angel." He shakes his head.

I shake my head adamently.
"You've saved me...And protected me when you truly didn't have too. It makes you an angel in my book." I murmur, feeling a strong blush coming on.
"Remember when I said life is what happens when you're busy making other plans?"

He nods.

"Well....For every bad thing that's happend...Every styx awful moment, I'm glad where I ended up. Because if not for all the bad things, I wouldn't have met you." I smile wryly.

His mouth drops open, before morphing into a genuine smile.
Before I can even apologize for releasing too much cheesiness onto him, he's moved his lips to mine, pulling me into a deep kiss.
His arms wrap around me, lifting me up as he kisses me deeper.

He has something to hide, that much is certain.
But I can't find myself caring.
 Because it doesn't matter what he's done. I know who he is now, and I'm thankful to the Gods for whatever dropped him into my orbit.

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