A kiss worth waiting for...

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~~~Carys's POV~~~

Blinking my eyes open, I can see light rays of sunlight entering the room. It tells me it's rather early in the morning.
Raising my head slightly, I quickly remember I'm in the hospital wing, with the attack yesterday coming back to me in bits and pieces.
Stupid lizard creatures...And then to make it worse a Colchis bull came as well.
I'm starting to feel Stheno really doesn't like me.

All because of what....I'm simply looking for a stupid bow? Since when is that reason enough to send razor-toothed lizards to eat someone?
A low movement from my left side startles me.
I just now notice I'm not leaning against a pillow, but against someone instead.....
 Looking next to me is a surprise.
Asclepious is sound asleep, one arm around my back, and the other draped across my waist.
Squinting my eyes shut, I try and piece together the events of yesterday.
I had looked down and had seen my ankle bone sticking out....
Wait a second...
Careful so not to wake Asclepious, I wiggle my ankle, and it feels fine. As if it were never broken.

It seems like a dream.
I remember people had been talking about using water healing, and I had remembered Asclepious carrying me into the ocean, and green people were talking.
I don't remember anything that was said, but I remember I hadn't wanted to go into the water, and Asclepious had held onto me so tightly I felt nothing bad could happen to me.
But why is he still here?

As I sneak a glance up at him, he looks so peacful, so at rest. Part of me even wants to go back to sleep just to continue being this close to him.....But I shouldn't want that. He made it clear he hadn't wanted to kiss me.
Styx, for all I know he could've not wanted to kiss me because he already has a girlfriend!
All the more reason he shouldn't be holding me like this... So close, it's close enough that  I can feel the warmth radiating from him and can even catch his scent of a foresty musk mixed with leather. I quickly inhale before wanting to slap myself.
He could have a girlfriend...
Thinking about the possible girl that could-or-could-not exist, sends a twinge of jealously through me.

I sigh, knowing what I have to do.
Gently, I reach up and shake his shoulder. He tightens his hold around my waist, bringing me in closer to his chest, and his head nuzzles the top of my own.
Yeah, this isn't sending mized signals to me at all.

"Hey....Wake up." I say quietly, shaking him again.
His honey-blonde eyelashes flutter slightly, before his eyes open, and he takes in the room.
As soon as his eyes adjust, he looks down at me.
We lock eyes for only a moment, before he removes his arms and leaves the bed.

"You looked comfortable." I remark, running a hand through my hair and secretly hoping I don't look like the poster child for the walking dead.
The poor guy looks exhausted. Circles are under his eyes, sandy hair is dishelved, and his gray sweater has rips throughout it.
He still looks adorable..

"That's usually what it's supposed to look like when you're sleeping." He yawns.

We stare at eachother for a few moments.
"So...Uh....Hi." I state, afterwards internally wanting to slap myself for saying someting so stupid.

He gives a halfhearted wave, but says nothing.

"You stayed all night?" I  feel elated yet confused by him doing this.

He clears his throat.
"Yeah, you kinda didn't give me a choice.." He trails off, moving his hand to rub the back of his head.

"Oh. Did I hold a foam arrow to your head?"
I smile.

"Might as well have....This is from you." He remarks, pointing to a large hole in the center of his  sweater.

My eyes widen.
"Oh...Wow...I'm really sorry....I was a little out of it." I mumble, feeling embarassed.

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