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The Guardians of Hogwarts (*Under Major Editing by Estelle_Archer
The Guardians of Hogwarts (* Estelle
He was broken. A shell of a man. After the giant war, every demigod perished, all except four. Blessed by primdormals and made inmortal, Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, L...
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Luke Castellan x Reader (Fanfiction) by jerithia
Luke Castellan x Reader ( Keth
You are a daughter of Poseidon, and this is actually where Luke is still alive. He already betrayed the Gods and the Camp, but the seven is in there too. All in all...
  • somesmut
  • pjo
  • luke
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ill will | Luke Castellan | by -thebadend
ill will | Luke Castellan |by a(void)ed
"I won't let you fade, Elle. I promise." "Oh, but Luke, you have no choice." [pre TLT-post TLO]
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • runaway
  • love
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Clean | The Art of Disappearing and Reappearing | Book I by Alexis_RM_Oh
Clean | The Art of Disappearing A.R.M.O.
Fifty years ago, Perseus Jackson disappeared off the face of the earth. No one ever knew why. Many have come to believe that the great hero has died. Few believe he is t...
  • deceased
  • percyjackson
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Son Wronged ( A Luke x Percy Story ) by KittyKatStars
Son Wronged ( A Luke x Percy KittyKatStars
Everything was happy. Everything was great. Everything was awesome. Nothing wrong. Until his life was torn down. Framed,betrayed. He is in utter ruins and has nobody lef...
  • lukecastellan
  • lukercy
  • alternateuniverse
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For Eternity || Lukercy One-Shot by half_blood37
For Eternity || Lukercy One-Shotby HalfBlood37
After the war, the demigods resume life as it was before Gaea had risen. It was now approaching Percy's birthday, August 18th (17 days after Dirt Face was put back to sl...
  • oneshot
  • sad
  • lukecastellan
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Correcting the Past (PJO/HOO) by Bianca_the_angelo
Correcting the Past (PJO/HOO)by DivineBlackDragon
Part 1 of Percy Jackson Visits the Past series. A commotion in camp leads to the visit of future demigods, gods, and satyrs, along with all their past selves. When the p...
  • percy
  • percyjackson
  • nicodiangelo
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Run Aways by WrenForest
Run Awaysby Wrenched_From_My_Home
What if Luke didn't go to Annabeth? What if he went to a certain son of Poseidon instead? -------------------------------------------------- In this story, Kronos had be...
  • lucy
  • brief
  • gay
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The assassin called Cedmi. -{A Percy Jackson fanfiction} by story-lover1423
The assassin called Cedmi. -{A story-lover1423
A Chaos story. His friends and family, including the gods all betrayed him for his own 'half-brother'. All of them but two. He was told by the ones that betrayed him to...
  • zoenightshade
  • lukecastellan
  • chaos
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Heartbreak Girl  by Adriheartspercabeth
Heartbreak Girl by Adriheartspercabeth
*DISCONTINUED* (Percabeth AU) Percy Jackson is the band member of the insanely popular band, Dem Dam Demigods. All the girls love him, and would do anything just to date...
  • famouspercabeth
  • lukecastellan
  • love
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Fighter by ValdezsMedJack
Fighterby Just a Random Fandomaniac
Elithya-Megara Atalanta Alouette(AKA Meg) lived in Houston. Her best friend was Leonidas Valdez(AKA Leo). But everything changed when Meg's mom was killed by her evil st...
  • annabeth
  • leo
  • hoo
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Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3 by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Verb: Concede Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it. *LEMON!* Text copyright © LoveLifeBooks4eva ™ 2014
  • percabeth
  • annabeth
  • sexual
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Barrier | Percy Jackson by Janalecksa
Barrier | Percy Jacksonby Jan Alecksa Ong
It hurts you know, betrayal. The pain slowly eating your heart, the words stabbing you, the negative thoughts circling your mind. Have you ever felt that pain? I did. Wh...
  • percyjackson
  • percy
  • pipermclean
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Prisoner  by RIPTIDE2626
Prisoner by RIPTIDE2626
Oh my gods! Who kidnapped Percy? Well, duh, its the one and only Luke Castellan! He is offered to join the Kronos army. Or he will die. Well, surprise surprise, he's fat...
  • lukecastellan
  • riptide2626
  • nicodiangelo
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Architecture d'un aquarium (vol. 2) by iamantares
Architecture d'un aquarium (vol. 2)by Cece
[TERMINÉE] [AU - percabeth] Volume 2 d'Avion de papier Sept ans plus tard, Percy se retrouve associé à un projet de construction d'un aquarium en Californie dans la vill...
  • fanfiction
  • solangelo
  • ada
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Another Chance by FanGirlies101
Another Chanceby Anonymous101
A girl from our world who has led a terrible life died doing a good deed and was given an opportunity to live a better life in her next. DISCLAIMER: Partly inspired by/a...
  • carslislecullen
  • ronweasley
  • narnia
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The Half Blood Games -- A Percy Jackson/Hunger Games Fanfiction by crazedauthors1093
The Half Blood Games -- A Percy The AU Girl
Percy never wanted to be in the games. He just wanted to keep his little brother Tyson from harm. It's the annual 49th Hunger Games- a competition in which two teens fr...
  • adventure
  • angst
  • percyjacksoncrossover
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THE ARGONAUTS | PERCY JACKSON the theory of crookshanks
percy jackson and heroes of olympus mini x readers [titles are in ancient greek] Who would you choose? The almighty son of Zeus, Jason Grace The powerful son of Poseido...
  • lukecastellan
  • percyjacksonxreader
  • annabethchase
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An Eye For An Eye (Percy Jackson's Sister) by JusticeDaughterofSea
An Eye For An Eye (Percy Jackson' justiceDaughterOfSea
NEW! "An eye for an eye makes the world blind. Do you know who said that?" I looked at the messenger god with a confused look, because the answer was pretty o...
  • percy
  • teen
  • action
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The Old Son of Apollo (Rewrite) by Uncle_Hades
The Old Son of Apollo (Rewrite)by Uncle Hades
Percy was having a nice, quiet life after the pain of being in two wars. He thought that he deserved some peace and time with Annabeth, his girlfriend. The Fates, howeve...
  • pjo
  • leefletcher
  • katiegardner
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