Love struck

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A/N Chapter song:  "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson

I have totally neglected this fanfic unintentionally. School and work have abducted all of my free time. o,o
I'm in the process of trying to get this book finished, so I apologize for the delay in not finishing sooner. :o


Time passes slowly when you least want it to. At least that's how the next week seemed to go......Things started to slowly morph back to normal, with Luke being kidnapped becoming nothing more than a bad memory.
Even though things started to return to how they were, Nico was still a no-show.

I can't figure out what happened to him. According to Hades, he never sent Nico to camp Jupiter. But Percy explained there was an Iris message detailing Nico told him the opposite........I even questioned Percy again after Hades revealed he never told Nico to represent Jupiter, but Percy held his ground saying he got an Iris message from him saying otherwise.

I didn't hold any distrust in Hades. Contrary to what many may think, the God of the Underworld doesn't seem like he would randomly lie....Even if there was, there doesn't really seem to be a reason for him to lie about Nico's whereabouts. There's nothing for him to gain about lying over such a thing.

Something weird is going on.
It's definitely not uncharacteristic of Nico to not care to go to classes, but it doesn't feel right that he wouldn't have tried making contact with me by now.......Not to mention I still haven't heard from Hazel.........Something else also hangs gloomily over my head. I've yet to find Eros's golden bow thief. But that's not the frightening thing....It seems that both Ares and Aphrodite now have lost interest in the missing bow altogether. I tried calling to both of them because I thought Darryl could be the bow thief, but I was ignored. Even Cupid hasn't been answering my calls, and that has me more worried than I already was.

It's mid day after classes right now, and I can't focus on my History homework before me. Truly, I could really care less about the difference between a demon and a daemon. I wanted to go to college for a writing degree....I don't really care about knowing the differences of the not-so-mythical.

"Something wrong, Red?" Luke asks with a frown, coming over to sit beside me on the dark couch. We spend most of our time in the Hades dorms, because it's the one place we're nearly always alone....No one enjoys going to the scariest dorm on the whole campus, including the hunters of Artemis.

"I just have a really bad feeling something happened to Nico." I mutter, rubbing my eyes wearily. "Not to mention, it's really freaky how Aphrodite and Ares seemed to have just stopped caring about Eros' bow."

"Damn...This must be serious." Luke nods, using a finger to tilt my chin up to look at him. "Your eyes are glowing red." He winks, before pressing his lips softly against mine. I grin against his mouth as he continues kissing me, pressing hip lips harder against mine, ultimately causing me to abruptly pull away.

"You're distracting me..."

Luke nods seriously, before he proceeds to kiss along my jaw line. "Well really, how devoted were you to homework anyhow..." He questions lightly, kissing down my neck before returning to my jaw.

"I wasn't thinking about homework......I...." But I trail off as soon as Luke's arms wrap around my waist to hoist me up on his lap.
He presses a kiss on my collar bone before staring up at me, his blue orbs dancing with amusement. "What were you going to say...?" He asks playfully, cocking an eyebrow.

"I don't remember." I grin, bringing my lips back to his.

"Didn't think so." He sighs against my mouth, before hoisting us around so he's hovering over me on the couch. He trails kisses along my neck and across my collar bone....I move away as he starts to gently peck at my neck with sweet kisses.

"Something's wrong...." I mutter abruptly, sensing something strange all of the sudden. A part of my Cupid senses can tell me when someone's feeling amorous, and part of those senses can also feel when someone was obviously hit by a love arrow.......

Luke's currently throwing off a very strange vibe to him, that doesn't feel normal. I know what it feels like around him due to all the time we spend together, but this new feeling around him gives a very strange vibe.
Looking over at his eyes, they seem completely absorbed in watching me.

"What happened?" I ask suspiciously, looking around the room as if for a sudden reason to show Luke's been struck by a child of Cupid.

"You're...Really beautiful when you make that face..." Luke grins, pulling me in closer to him before bringing his mouth to mine.

He starts feverishly planting kisses against my lips and then down my neck, before I use a hand to gently push him away. "What happened?"

But Luke ignores me as he attempts kiss me once more. It isn't that I don't want to kiss him; but I can tell he was hit with a certain kind of magic that only comes from something Cupid related. He's under a spell of some sort...

"Did someone hit you with an arrow?" I ask cautiously, watching as Luke's eyes lustfully travel down my body as he presses himself closer to me.

He shrugs lightly, a playful grin on his face.

"Er....Stay there." I say cautiously, pushing his chest forward to wiggle out from underneath him. Hurrying, I head out the front door to look around.

Maybe this is some kind of weird prank Aimee or someone else is playing........But it's not particularly funny, and also unnecessary......Luke's already in love with me.....Why strike him with an arrow?

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