Movie Night

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Dabbing at the open cut on my lip with the back of my hand, I shrug nonchalantly.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I defend, crossing my arms.

Luke's eyes narrow further.
"I get that you're angry at me Carys....You have every right to be. But don't take your frustration out on your friends just because you're pissed." He says quietly.

My jaw drops.
"ME?! I didn't do anything wrong!"
Thalia comes up to hit me, then disses me, and then SHOCKS me, and yet I'm the bad guy.. Unbelievable.

Luke's eyes widen. "So you didn't really propel your friend a couple feet through the air using your little spirit power, huh?"

I wince.
"Well that I may have done, but technically..."

Luke throws up his hands.
"You CAN'T attack your friends because your angry at me Carys! That's really not a mature approach...."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" I yell at him, spooking a passing cyclops and his child in the process.

Luke has a slight smile on him frommy outburst, and it annoys me just a little bit more.
"SHE came up to me, HIT me, and SHOCKED me, and you actually have the audacity to say I'm taking my frustration out and being immature..........And what the styx are you grinning at?" I snarl, as the grin on Luke's face begins to grow.

Luke chuckles quietly. "Your voice gets higher and a little squeaky when you're pissed."

I gape at him.
"It does not!!" I counter, before listening to my own voice and realizing he's right.
...Have I always sounded like Mickey Mouse when I'm mad?....

Luke takes a hesitant step towards me, tucking his hands into the pockets of his jeans.
"Are you okay?" He asks, his blue eyes softening.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I shrug, throwing my hands up.
"Annabeth and Thalia are treating me like I'm public enemy number one, while you seem to get a free pass even after not telling anyone you were alive."  I say bitterly.

Luke's face pulls into a heavy frown.
 "That's not fair......I'm sorry Carys, I'm gonna talk to...."

I shake my head. "No! I don't want you talking to them...If they're going to talk to me..I want it to be because they remember I'm their friend who's never purposely hurt them...I don't want them talking to me just because the great Luke Castellan made them." I huff, crossing my arms again.

Luke snorts, a slight grin pulling at his lips.
"The great Luke Castellan.....I could get used to that." He smiles, where I release a grin inspite of myself.

He's always had this strange ability to get me to crack a smile

It's quiet for a moment, as I take a deep breath.

"Really though...Why were you guys fighting?" He questions, frowning.

Well, I know why Thalia was itching for a fight...Partially because she has small feelings for Luke romantically.
But considering I love the guy, I don't really want to point this out to him. so they could possibly kick-start something...
"I think she was mad I didn't say anything about you being back." I reply quietly, diverting my gaze away from him.
It's not a total lie...I mean she was pretty mad about my not telling..

"That was wrong of her." He says quietly, shaking his sandy-blonde head.

It's quiet, leaving us in silence.
Annoying shrieks of satyrs playing a game of what looks to be kick-the-can is the only noise that can be heard.

"At the table earlier...." Luke starts off, looking a tad lost for words.
"I don't want a situation like that to happen again."

Remembering when Annabeth rebuffed my advance to sit at the table they were all seated at makes my stomach churn.
"Don't worry, I wont sit by you." I reply quietly, turning away.

"What?! No!"
He responds hastily, stepping forward and grabbing my forearm lightly. A familiar case of the butterflies arises, before Luke quickly lets go of my arm.

"I meant....I meant that you shoudn't feel that you can't sit by your friends because of me." He says quietly, his eyes softening.

"They're your friends too." I mutter.

Luke shakes his head.
"Maybe I could possibly call Annabeth and Thalia that if they ever fully forgive me..But Percy and the others....They won't exactly all want to hang out together and forget everything."

I guess I can see that.

"But..." Luke starts again.
"I can't keep pretending I don't know you anymore." He says quietly, looking a little sad.

My heart skips a beat as I process his words.
Does he forgive me? Even after I came close to killing him??
Maybe we could actually try again...No more secrets, no more lies.. Both of us going in knowing exactly who  the other is....

"I want us to try and become friends." He exclaims, his lips pulling into a slight smile.

I feel my eyes widen.
My heart feels as though it got stabbed with a needle, thus deflating.
That  didn't go in the direction I was hoping...
As I feel my mouth drop, Luke looks ready to back-track.
"Well I mean if that's what you want...If you don't, I get it.."

"No, yeah, no......Friends good."  I nod my head stupidly, inwardly kicking myself for not forming a more intelligent reply.
I now hate that stupid word..

Luke's lips form a slight smile.
"Well, that's good to hear. "

As Annabeth approaches with Thalia following slightly behind her, Luke exclaims a breath.
"So...I guess I'll see you around, friend." He grins, before turning around to walk away.

What the flick just happened....

As Luke waves slightly to both Annabeth and Thalia, the two of them reach me looking unsure.
Well, Annabeth does.
I notice Thalia is glowering at me slightly...

"Carys, I'm really, really, really sorry about what happened." Annabeth begins, looking sincere.

"About you rudely blowing me off every time I tried explaining, or Thalia hitting me?" I shrug.

Annabeth winces. "Both."

Thalia rolls her eyes. "Well you're the one who wasn't honest...Then I found out you tried to KILL Luke instead of just telling us all he was alive!"

"You once kicked him off a cliff!" I yelp, remembering that she doesn't really have room to judge me in the almost-killing-Luke department.

Thalia rolls her eyes. "Totally different situation."

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