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Pan's Game || OUAT Fanfic || EDITED VERSION by Alice_Emma_Rose
Pan's Game || OUAT Fanfic || EDITE...by Goodbye
[Book 1 in the Pan's Game trilogy] * Alice has been having nightmares about a certain brown-haired demon for the past few months, she thinks it's just a crazy dream...
  • comedy
  • onceuponatime
  • pangirls
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Wristbands | Sirius Black [1] by dylanoaddicted
Wristbands | Sirius Black [1]by jənna
[COMPLETED] Losing a mother to a brutal murder could really mess up the mind of a fourteen-year-old. Especially if that fourteen-year-old was already messed up to begin...
  • lovestory
  • wristbands
  • astridberges-frisbey
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Daughter of Cupid (Luke Castellan fan fic) by Alycat1901
Daughter of Cupid (Luke Castellan...by Alex Gedgaudas
Carys Harlow, was never normal. Being a daughter of Cupid, how could you be? After leaving Camp Halfblood, she feels she can finally start making an attempt at a normal...
  • jake
  • gods
  • greek
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Instagram\\Jensen Ackles by Lovemonkey97
Instagram\\Jensen Acklesby Arica Sheets
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  • ruthconnell
  • alexandercalvart
  • genevievepadalecki
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Danielle Solace 🔯 Percy Jackson by WerecoyoteWitch97
Danielle Solace 🔯 Percy Jacksonby Skylar Spellman
Danielle Solace had a hard life until she came to camp Half-Blood. Her brother, Will, and she grew up hard. So coming to the camp was like a dream come true. Danielle a...
  • jackson
  • greekgods
  • percyjackaon
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Beauty and the beast ( The Originals/Twilight by ArlanHanson
Beauty and the beast ( The Origina...by Arlan Hanson
" So your a Mikaelson?" She looks at him in curiosity " Your a Cullen and you say mikaelson if that is a bad thing" What happens when the Cullen's n...
  • twilight
  • theoriginals
  • hayleymarshell
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#ZOMBAYDAY!!! by free2ryte
#ZOMBAYDAY!!!by free2ryte
When the earth is overrun by the undead the world needs saviors... which! Sure as hell this group of morons ain't!!!
  • celeb
  • jeremyrenner
  • maisiewilliams
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Noticed By Him  <3 by ILikeNougatJack
Noticed By Him <3by ILikeNougatJack
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  • jaredpadalecki
  • jakeabel
  • liked
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Chasing Disaster ✘ Percy Jackson by JocelynJay
Chasing Disaster ✘ Percy Jacksonby JocelynJay
❝ And suddenly, nightmares aren't just nightmares anymore. But reality. ❞ ©JocelynJay (All characters, besides the ones not mentioned in the "Percy Jackson & the O...
  • annabethchase
  • olympians
  • half-blood
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Empire Academy by Autumn813
Empire Academyby Autumn813
One Girl. One Academy & Three Boys. Freya Winters lived an ordinary life until she got accepted at one of the most famous schools in the world. Empire Academy. Where fam...
  • jakeabel
  • logan
  • love
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Jake abel as Luke Castellan /older brother to Percy Jackson Kendall Jenner as annabeth chase girlfriend to luke Castellan Kylie Jenner as princess Helen girlfriend to...
  • loganlerman
  • poseidon
  • hemes
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Stay With Me (Adam Milligan x Reader)  by spnimpalaimagines
Stay With Me (Adam Milligan x Read...by spnimpalaimagines
Cross-Post from Tumblr. You've loved Adam from the second you saw him. But after have a drunken one night stand together you have to come to terms with the fact you've p...
  • adamwinchester
  • adammilligan
  • reader
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Supernatural Cast Photos Yearbook! by SPNLover19
Supernatural Cast Photos Yearbook!by Tessa The Archangel
"Carry On My Wayward Son There'll Be Peace When You Are Done Lay Your Weary Head To Rest Don't You Cry No More!"
  • emilyswallow
  • jeffreydeanmorgan
  • amygumenick
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Best Damn Thing by orphictional
Best Damn Thingby orphictional
Being the lead vocalist for the most famous band in the world 'The Imperials', Luke Evans had everything he could ever ask for. Fame, fortune and all the fangirls fallin...
  • jakeabel
  • arrogant
  • kayascodelario
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Daughter of Zeus in love? Luke castellan ❤️ by cupcakes9141
Daughter of Zeus in love? Luke cas...by cupcakes9141
Claira Elizabeth. Adopted, ADHD, dyslexia,17 and happends to be a demigod. Claira or as most people call her for short Clair. She never knew her parents. She was 5 when...
  • daughterofzeus
  • gods
  • percyjackson
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Moonlight by GeminiSalvatore
Moonlightby Sαℓναdσrα
Moonlight. A book in which the Moon becomes your best friend, your superior, your saviour and your strength but also in some cases, your enemy and your worst nightmare...
  • galgadot
  • lanadelrey
  • angelinajolie
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Soul Mates (The Host FanFic) by divergentrebel101
Soul Mates (The Host FanFic)by Sofia
*** Okay so this is my version of the host if Melanie never got captured and went back to the caves with a way to blend in. keep in mind that ian and wanda never met so...
  • abel
  • host
  • ian
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Exclamation Point Fanfic by FangirlingGoddess
Exclamation Point Fanficby FangirlingGoddess
Cassia Johnson and her family move to Maryland, leaving behind her friends and star-crossed lover, Jacob White. With her new life in Maryland, Cassia meets the YouTube d...
  • punkrock
  • paulzimmerxreader
  • exclamationpoint
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33 by Idontwikeit
33by james
Alexandra Daddario, an usual 28 years old woman goes to Australia with her friend - Allie Wood to fulfill the 33 things you need to do in life. When true friends - Alexa...
  • logandra
  • alexandradaddario
  • jakeabel
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