Lost  ↣  Alec Lightwood [1]  by wibblyywobblyy
Lost ↣ Alec Lightwood [1] by — jay
In which a girl and her friends search for one of the most powerful objects in their world, but in doing so she loses sight of what it really means to be a Shadowhunter...
  • isabellelightwood
  • aleclightwood
  • simonlewis
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Our Secret Love Affair ♡ Noah Centineo by starrymoonlights
Our Secret Love Affair ♡ Noah r.
"I hate small talk. Let's makeout."
  • peterkavinsky
  • noahcentineo
  • teenromance
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Black Rose {Fred Weasley} by theweirdchic
Black Rose {Fred Weasley}by theweirdchic
"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. T...
  • lilycollins
  • billweasley
  • ronweasley
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BODY GOLD ▸ TEEN WOLF [1] [EDITING] by aprcdites
[ season one of teen wolf ] [ started 10.24.17 ] [ finished 12.20.17 ]
  • lilycollins
  • allisonargent
  • peterhale
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The Boxer and I by thefreakoffreaks
The Boxer and Iby Indie
"You save yourself or you remain unsaved." - Alice Sebold. °°° Florence Rosa Brine - this is her story. It's a sad one, to be honest. Her version of events...
  • humour
  • fiction
  • cigarettes
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tip jar // joe keery by losernoob
tip jar // joe keeryby kay
"for people who claim to be celebrities, you can't tip for shit" or famous actors order a pizza and get a lot more than pepperoni
  • wattys2018
  • finnwolfhard
  • joekeery
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Black Castle 🖤 E. Mikaelson 🖤 by Khadijah_Stevens
Black Castle 🖤 E. Mikaelson 🖤by Khadijah Stevens
"I never asked to be viewed as good in your eyes, Elijah." Arabella Bonavich-Mikaelson, the wife of the Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson. Arabella was an all...
  • vampire
  • french
  • klausmikaelson
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The Popular Girl by stephpanda
The Popular Girlby Stephanie
Looking at him from across the cafeteria my heart just stops. He bites his lower lip slightly as he reads the following words off of his new book, adjusting his hair fro...
  • cute
  • nerd
  • teen
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Maid In Royalty by wefoundwonderland
Maid In Royaltyby misha
"Aiden pick a girl this instant! Who will you marry?" Queen Alexandra exclaimed. "The maid over there," he said with a smirk. Copyright © 2016
  • lillycollins
  • romanticcomedy
  • love
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The Immortals by alonely-dreamer
The Immortalsby Pandora
Julie knows nothing about the supernatural until, one night, she gets kidnapped with Elena and learn that she lives in a world where vampires and witches exist. Her life...
  • elijahxoc
  • elijahmikaelson
  • lilycollins
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savor ➳ hs ✔ by banana_1dx
savor ➳ hs ✔by b
"if i could, i'd pin you against this wall and savor every drop of you."
  • onedirection
  • darkharry
  • liampayne
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Opposites attract by luann16
Opposites attractby luann16
"You're so bad for me". "And you love that". I gulped as he lent in closer, trapping me between his body and the wall behind me. The worst part of t...
  • meangirl
  • tension
  • badboy
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His to love✔(part 1+2) by Lovebeingforever
His to love✔(part 1+2)by Vingu-Angu
She was the light of her family. The jewel in her parents eye. But everything changed when her parents were brutally murdered. Broken and lost,her aunt took her in. It w...
  • firstlove
  • college
  • woca2018
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Seven Brothers by artemismischief
Seven Brothersby JJ
Peyton Montgomery is blessed -or cursed; depending on how you view it- with seven older brothers. Well, technically she is two minutes older than her twin, Sebastian. Al...
  • badboy
  • bad
  • boy
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Beautiful Disaster (H.S.) by 17Zarry
Beautiful Disaster (H.S.)by 17Zarry
"I'm a fucking disaster." I said breathless. Harry stood between my legs. He leaned down to my ear and pushed back my hair. "Yeah, But you are a beautifu...
  • barbarapalvin
  • mystery
  • liampayne
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Hold On (➳Alec Lightwood) [1] by mfmenz
Hold On (➳Alec Lightwood) [1]by Florencia✨
The lives of the twins Brielle and Clary Fray take a 360° turn when they decide to go to the Pandemonium club in NYC for their 18th birthday. They both cross paths with...
  • magnusbane
  • shadowhunters
  • claryfray
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Taming Mr Dominant by originalpipsqueak
Taming Mr Dominantby originalpipsqueak
Anabelle Eleanore Barlow is 25 years old innocent woman who got pampered by her rich and high achievement parents. She suddenly thrown into arranged marriage with multi...
  • billionaire
  • arrangedmarriage
  • multimillionaire
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[+18]PAST AND FUTURE [Z.M] by Nina_Malik14
[+18]PAST AND FUTURE [Z.M]by harry_girl
لا اعرف لما احببته..عاهر..زير نساء..كائن لا يفقه شئ عن مشاعر من حوله. "انه يحبك" "يحبني لانا لا يتذكرني ، لا يتذكر انني تلك الفتاه التي حطم قلبها الي اشل...
  • lilycolins
  • revenge
  • lovers
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My Heart Beats For You // Alice Cullen  by kirapaynex
My Heart Beats For You // Alice Kira Alice ✿
Bailey Rowe, 16 years old; A little bit of an outcast, distrusted by her family. She finds herself partnered with who her biology teacher thinks can support her most a...
  • jacobblack
  • alicecullen
  • lilycollins
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HEAVY ▸ TEEN WOLF [4] by aprcdites
HEAVY ▸ TEEN WOLF [4]by bri
[season four of teen wolf] [started 09.15.18]
  • lilycollins
  • malydia
  • liamdunbar
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