Saying hello to goodbye

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~Carys POV~

As I quickly make my way back to my room in the Hades dorm, there's only one thing I can focus on.
Luke said he emailed me...

I keep the spirit cloak on until I'm safetly alone inside my room.
Shutting the door, I head into the dark closet to search for the computer. As I take it out to set up, I quickly remember to throw the darkness cloak back on me so Nico doesn't rush into the dorm in an effort to find me.

I try to remain calm as the computer slowly comes to life.
After the whole incident of finding out who Luke was, I didn't bother using the computer again. It was just a grim reminder that I started liking the guy who betrayed everyone.
When I made the move from the Hermes dorm to the Hades one, I just hid the computer inside the comforts of my closet.

With shaking hands, I log onto my email account.
Maybe it was just all a lie....Maybe he never emailed me.

But a sick feeling in my gut tells me that's not the case....He was just so adamant...So truthful looking..
I don't doubt he actually sent an email.

But once I see it....Then it's proof.
Proof that I cam this-close to murdering someone in cold blood, when it turns out he wasn't a part of stealing Cupids bow or trying to kill me..
As soon as the page refreshes on the screen, my inbox starts doubling and then tripling in messages.
I had recieved two emails from my aunt, but those immediately began to get thrown to the way bottom of the screen to be replaced by messages from Luke.
One after another started flooding the screen, enough to the point I was wondering if maybe the computer was glitching.

Finally, the inbox stops filling, leaving it at two-hundred new emails.
All two-hundred were from Luke alone, my aunt's made it at 202.

My breath catches in my throat as I click on the first one.

"Carys, I'm so sorry about today. I didn't mean for you to find out the way you did....I should've told you..I just didn't know how..."

I quickly stop reading the mile-long paragraph to scoll the email down some more.
It has to be well over six-THOUSAND words long!
And that's just in one message!!

Scrolling down to the end of the extremely long email, my eyes start to water by how he closes the message.

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen, Red. I wanted to tell you....I just couldn't.
But I truly meant what I said....I DO love you. I want to talk to you please...I miss you, I love you,


I break off from reading, as my door bursts open.
I'm suddenly glad I wore my spirit cloak, for Nico and Luke can't see me as they enter.

A cold shudder runs through me as I watch Luke limp his way into the room

"I bet she's wearing the spirit cloak, we wont be able to find her." Nico sighs tiredly.

Darn him for realizing that..

Luke looks annoyed.
"But she wore it earlier...Why the hell can't you find her now?!"

Nico seems to be thinking of something before suddenly snapping his fingers.

He commands.
Within a minute, a hell-hound comes prancing into my room with his tongue hanging out.
"Geto Carys!"

For a moment, I'm more than positive the dog is just going to bolt out of the room.
But instead, he makes his way over to my bed, bowing his head down right at me.
Dang....He can see me.
Maybe Nico doesn't realize this...
My stomach back-flips as I notice the smirk on Nico's face.

"Found her." He grins triumphantly.

Luke, scowls beside him.
"Do or don't take this personally.....But are you an idiot?" He asks angrily, clearly not getting that the hell-hound can see me under the cloak.

After Nico explains how hell-hounds can see what's under spirit cloaks when people can't, Luke's eyes widen.

"You gotta leave." Luke says abrubtly, causing Nico to look at him in surprise.

Confusion take over him. "No, she's my friend.."

"Are YOU the person she was gonna kill today??" Luke snaps at him.

Nico winces slightly.
"Uh...I'll be out here Care.." He mutters, looking to my bed before heading out the door.

Luke runs his hands through his disheveled hair, looking exhausted.
I notice his shoulder wound is now bandaged up..
"Like it or not Red, we need to talk."

Shutting my eyes tight, I'm thankful for being hidden under a cloak. What do I even say to him???
I've spent so much time avoiding him....Hating him...What could I possibly say to make up for what I almost did to him today?!

I leap up off the bed to leave, only for the hell-hound that perched itself next to the bed to follow me.
 Luke notices this, and attempts to step in front of the door before stumbling with pain.
Letting out a muffled groan, he straightens his posture.
 It appears he wanted to cut me off before I could leave...
Although considering I could just walk through him or walls wearing a spirit cloak, that was silly.
Luke takes in a deep breath, seeming to be in pain when he puts too much pressure on his thigh.

My eyes immediately begin to water taking in his injured form.
Reality begins to set in...I held intent on killing him today...
I was going to do it...I shot him with my bow...I STABBED him!

Slowly, I take off my cloak and hold it in my quivering hands.
Luke looks to me, and his eyes widen.

It's as if the two of us don't know what to say.
We just remain in place, our eyes locked on one another.
A small eternity passes, but I don't know what to do, or even if there is something to say...
He seems to be feeling something similar, because his mouth opens and closes a few times indicating he wants to say something, but just doesn't seem to know what..

"Do you want to sit down?" I offer quietly, feeling awful watching him attempt to wobble in place.

He nods curtly, hopping a step to take a seat at my desk. Positioning his chair to be facing me, we're brought back to awkward silence.

"I'm not mad at you, Carys." Luke says quietly, his lips pursing.

I suppose hearing that should bring me relief.
He's not mad at me for attempting to kill him..
But it doesn't make me feel better.
Yes, he didn't steal Cupids bow....He didn't actually try to kill me...
But at the end of the day, he's still and always will be Luke Castellan, the guy who betrayed his friends by wanting to bring down Olympus.

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