Because I love you.

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As Luke seems to be walking with angry determination, I feel dizzy from his movements, even though I'm not even the one walking.

I can't believe it.
He just punched Triton.

It wasn't a light hit, it wasn't a hay-maker.....It was one heck of a hit that sent Triton sprawled to the ground.

"Where are we..."

"Don't talk, Carys." Luke growls in a low tone, causing me to shiver.

He continues walking, making sure he walks all the way around the large group of party goers rather than through it. He seems to be heading back towards the dorms.

It grows silent the farther we get away from the crowd.
Feeling brave enough to finally sneak a peek up at Luke's face, he looksangry.
His jaw is clenched tight, his brows are furrowed, and he's muttering something under his breath that I can't quite hear.

"Are you...Mad?" I ask softly, still hearing the slight slur in my speech.

Luke's icy gaze floats down to look me before he blinks.
"No. I'm furious."  He says coldly.

"I....I can walk fine.." I mumble, squirming in his arms slightly.
Luke's arm tightens around my shoulders.

"If I put you down, then I'm just going to go back there to finish the guppy off." He replies through clenched teeth. 

Nothing more is said for the rest of the journey towards the dorms.

I spot a familiar figure up ahead of us. Turning around, Nico's face pales considerably when he spots the two of us approaching.

"Whoa...What the hell happened here?" He demands, unhooking his arm from some random brunettes shoulders.

Luke scowls.
"Don't give me attitude tonight, Zombie boy. Carys here thought it would be a good idea to shoot back large quantities of alcohol while being surrounded by horny assholes."

"I didn't have alcooooo...." I frown, not being able to pronounce the word alcohol.
"I just had jello. Lots of jello." I nod solemnly, causing Luke to roll his eyes. 

Luke throws Nico a see-what-I-mean look.

"Did something happen?"

Luke sighs.
"Jackson's idiot brother."

Nico cocks a brow.
"Which one?"

As I watch Luke, I notice the corner of his lip lifts slightly in a smile.
"The mermaid."

Nico nods while grimacing.
"Damn, Care.....Don't you know that no self respecting girl dresses in skanky clothes while drinking beer?" Nico asks in a exasperated tone.

"What was that?" His female companion asks from behind him.
As I raise my head to look at her, she has flowing light brown hair, and kaleidoscope colored eyes. She's barely clothed, with a skirt that is much smaller than mine.
While my own skirt is a decent length, the girls seems to only reach the beginning of her thigh, basically only covering her butt. 
Her tube top is displaying her cleavage, that's covered in multiple sets of beads.
I recognize her as a daughter of Aphrodite.

"Youuu have noooooo respect." I giggle, as the girl scowls at me and then at her drink in hand.

"Well....I'm leaving." The girl sniffs, stomping away from the three of us.

She turns back to face Nico.
"Aren't you going to chase after me??"

I start giggling.
If you have to ask if a guy is going to chase after you, you shouldn't hold your breath for a dramatic chase scene.

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