Hunting prey..

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I'm officially ready.
After training physically and developing my shield ability where I can just about channel it at will now, it's time to face Luke.

Donning a comfortable outfit of jeans and a black T, I throw on my leather jacket to arm the insides of it with daggers.
Truthfully, I haven't figured out how I should confront him.
I can't just kill him....I need to find out where the golden bow is first.
Otherwise, it would be easy just to shoot him with an arrow from a distance. I grab the death cloak to bring with me as well.

"EARTH TO CARE-BEAR! You even listening?" Nico interupts my thoughts, patting a hell hound on the neck.

I half glance at him. "What do you want?"

His dark brows raise in surprise.
"Whoa...Someone ordered a side of bitchy today." He remarks, standing up to look at me.

"What the styx does that mean?"

He rolls his eyes.
"Well I'm going to be honest. Lately, you've been acting like a brat."

Now, he gets me to scowl.
"So, I've been acting like you?" I counter swiftly.
Immature, but I can tell my comment annoys him.

"No, worse." He shrugs.

I roll my eyes.

"I'm serious Carys......You've been ignoring your friends for the past few weeks now. You don't even talk to any of us anymore..... Then, you pretty much only leave the dorm for night classes or to hang with your bitch mom....When I finally get you talking......You're not you."  He scoffs.

I roll my eyes heavily.
"I don't have time for this..."
But as I attempt to walk off, Nico steps in front of me, blocking me from leaving the dorm.

"It's a BREAKUP Care, they happen. Don't spend your time wallowing and hiding from the people who care about you just because of a..."

"OH PLEASE!" I sneer. "You're going to talk to me about wallowing!? Are you kidding me? Half the time you're all gloom and doom!" I snap, attempting to push past him only for him to throw a muscled arm out to stop me.

He shrugs. "Maybe that's true, but at least that's just always me.That's my personality. I don't let a stupid breakup effect my attitude in general."

"Oh!" I reply cheerily.
"I'm sorry, I forget, you didn't REALLY ignore Percy after a dirty little secret about you came out!"
As soon as I see the effect my words have on Nico, I immediately want to take them back.
His eyes have widened, and his mouth has parted slightly.
But instead retracting, I hold my glare.

"Who are you?" He asks incredulously, narrowing his eyes at me.
"Never do you rub my faults in my face." He says quietly, shaking his head.
"We argue...But you don't say things like that." He frowns.
"You ALWAYS care about your friends...Care about others...Hell, you haven't bothered to ask about ANYONE or how we've been. Instead?? You spend your time alone."

I swallow a lump that's risen in my throat.
"Sometimes people have a reason for changing, Nico." I reply quietly, pushing his arm away.
Before I can leave, he jumps in front of me, blocking my path again.

"Then what is it Diaper-baby? What turns you into such a hormonal pansy ass you feel you deserve to close us all out without any explanation?" He counters glaring.

"BACK OFF!" I snarl.

"NO!" He yells back.
Now, two of the hell hounds in the room are wimpering nearby. They're trained to protect us, but they don't seem to know what to make of it now that the two of us are fighting.

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