A prophecy to remember

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"Are you sure about this??" I ask, having it be my last-ditch attempt to let Asclepious back out of coming with me.

"I'm getting the impression you don't want me to come with." He grins, slinging a seemingly heavy backpack over his shoulder.

I shake my head. That's not the reason whatsoever...I'm elated he's coming along, and even felt like cooing Awwwww when he first announced he was coming with me.

But it's bringing him to what's supposed to be considered my...Home that's leaving my stomach in knots.

"I don't really have what you would call a family." I confess quietly, as we make our way across campus with our bags.

"What do you mean?"

This has always been my fear about meeting some great guy. Meet, bring him home to......What, exactly? A woman I actually share no genetic relation to, and her husband and daughter?

"My aunt....Always felt more like my babysitter than my aunt." I say quietly. "She was there for me.....But even though she never showed any resentment towards me, I could tell taking care of me made her have to grow up faster than she should have.....I sort of hated my mother and father growing up, because I felt they could've been there for me at least once. I mean c'mon....My mom isn't even a demigod. Surely she could've stuck around for her own kid." I mutter, kicking a loose stone with my boot.

Asclepious is quiet next to me. "I guess......I know how you feel. My dad didn't stick around in my life either. In a way...My..Mom checked out as well." He says in an almost inaudible voice.

This is the first time I'm hearing about his parents.

"Your dad is your godly parent?"

He nods.

"What's your best memory about your mom?" I ask lightly, as we finally reach a large oak tree where Aphrodite asked me to meet her.

He sighs, staring down at me with his bright blue eyes. "Koolaid and burnt peanut-butter cookies." He smiles lightly.

"You're adorable." I chuckle, hugging him tightly.

"Ugh....Stop using terms to describe cuddly animals. You're bruising my manly ego." He scoffs playfully, ruffling his hand gently through my hair.

It doesn't matter how many times I've seen his heartbreking smile, it never gets old.
"Well I can't help that you're so cuddly and adorable..." I coo jokingly, embracing him tighter.

He groans. "You need to stop doing that..."

"Doing what?"

"Gripping me in hugs...I just want to pick you up and kiss you..."

"None of that now, cyclops!" A methodic voice says sternly from behind us.

Aphrodite has arrived. She looks at me and then Asclepious, looking completely baffled.

"Hi.." I mutter sheepishly.

Aphrodite's eyes widen in comical horror. "This is with whom you are smitten with?!" She near yelps, staring at us in surprise.


Her delicate eyesbrows raise higher. She looks over at Asclepious, still looking confused. "How odd......Both of your moods show you both are sexually attracted to one another.....That is quite strange, I've never seen such strong feelings on a cyclops for a human before." She muses quietly, tilting her head to the side to access Asclepious.

Of course she wouldn't have....Because he's not really a cyclops...

I clear my throat. "You're kind of embarassing me.." I mumble, diverting my eyes from her amused gaze..

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