Prophecy coming true..

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~~Carys POV~~

I've never really been a person who enjoys running. I pretty much avoid it unless I need to move myself for a reason...
But as I run away from Luke....I really don't think I've ever pumped my arms and legs at such a quick speed ever in my life.
 I would probably make a track coach proud at the moment.

Fear overtakes me as I continue sprinting.
I really don't know what I was expecting when I confronted him... Thinking back, I think I was hoping it just wasn't true. Maybe he'd deny it, and everything was just a HUGE misunderstanding..

Fresh tears are continuing to fall and I'm running without a real destination in mind.
Sprinting to the Hermes dorm, I feel I want to lock myself away in my room to hide under my covers. Terribly wimpy, but it's my best game-plan at the moment.

It's Leo who ruins that idea for me.
He's perched at the entrance talking animatedly to a Hermes girl. If he sees me, he'll ask why I'm crying.
I cant answer that... I don't feel I can make up an appropriate lie to cover myself, and then I'd have to explain why I'm crying.....HOW I would I even explain the truth!?!

I find myself sprinting behind the Hermes dorm to the forest, barreling down the trail that Asclepious..Luke had brought me to that one morning we slow danced.
I don't break pace as I sprint around the trail, quickly reaching the point where his marker-knife is sticking inside of the tree trunk. Even though the last time I came here it seemed to take awhile as I had been walking, this time around I'm reaching the cliffs clearing fairly quickly.

Once I reach the landing, I drop to my knees a couple feet away from the ledge over viewing the ocean. This is the only place I can think of where I can cry freely without the interruption of someone trying to talk to me.
Ragged pants are escaping me, where it doesn't feel like enough oxygen is reaching my lungs properly.
I'm shaking slightly, feeling as if my heart is beating a mile a minute. Good Gods, I think I'm actually experiencing a panic attack...
...Or, I suppose I could just be really out-of-shape for never having run so fast in my life.

It's only when I start thinking about my conversation with...Luke, that I start trying to concentrate.
He actually had the audacity the other day to tell me I had been dishonest with him! That **I** was wrong for not sharing the prophecy....When ALL this time he was hiding who he really is.

I feel like crying remembering the pitiful look of hopelessness on his face.

He looked so sad...He was even crying. But I don't even know what to think...
I knew he was hiding something...That Asclepious wasn't even his actual name....But never did I dare think for a second that he was Luke Castellan all along.

I groan loudly covering my face with both hands. How stupid could I possibly be!?! There were signs...Tons of them...I should've figured there's NO ONE who would need to hide who he was more than Luke Castellan...I can't even imagine how many people hate him enough to want him dead...

I slap my forehead as I realize this. That's why when I asked why he needed mist he said so no one could know the real him....
But then why would he start a relationship with someone when he's hiding the fact that he's a diabolcal ass-hat in disguise?!?

 A gasp escapes me as I realize the answer to my own inner monologue. He never intended on being with someone...That's why he kept pushing me away all that time...Why he kept saying he was no good for me...
A muffled sob escapes me remembering the terrified look of sadness that was etched on his face as I confronted him. He even tried pulling me into a hug....I pushed away from him as if my life depended on it.
"His name is Luke Castellan." I gasp softly, letting everything sink in.

"Well, I guess I found the right girl." An unfamiliar voice sighs behind me.

I stand and whirl around in fear. I could've sworn there was no one here when I ran into the clearing. I was completely alone. The man before me is tall, with tousled brown hair and familiar piercing blue eyes.
He's dressed in bronze armor, and he has winged sandals on him. Even though the sandals could give it away, that's not what makes me recognize the God in front of me. I recognize the shade of blue eyes that are staring at me, because they're the same eyes that I've grown so attached to....The blue-eyes that I can stare into, and feel completely safe.
They're the eyes that belong to Luke Castellan.
Because he inherited them from the God in front of me...

"I see this has come as a surprise to you..." Hermes says quietly, looking alarmed.

The only noises that can be heard are my still-panting gasps, and the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks far below the cliff.
I say nothing.....Mostly because I can't find words to speak.

"He's Luke Castellan..." I whisper.

Hermes winces slightly at my words, but nods.
It's quiet for a moment, both of us watching one another.
"Do you have children?" He asks suddenly, surprising me with his random question.

Slowly, I shake my head.

Hermes nods. "You will do anything when it comes to protecting your child...." He pauses, lost in thought.
"People think that the all Gods don't care about their offspring....I suppose some may not.....But others, like myself....We care so much we give up knowing our children, so we can work that much harder in ensuring we keep the world filled with less monsters for them to deal with." He says quietly.
 I say nothing to this, because I'm not too fond of Cupid at the moment for lying to me about my mom my entire life to consider what Hermes is saying.

"You brought him back." I say numbly, my words sounding mechanical.

Hermes nods.
"I wasn't there for him when he needed me. His mother...She was ill, and I didn't look after the two of them like I should have. With that, Luke grew up too soon. In doing so, he wasn't raised with the proper guidance he should have...Hell, my boy actually thought destroying Olympus would help demigods."
He closes his eyes, shaking his head.

He reminds me so much of his son doing that motion.
But Hermes doesn't need to explain this to me. I know everything Luke Castellan has done....Every horrible, cringe-worthy detail....Trying to pin it all on him having daddy issues has never made me feel more sympathetic for the guy.
"Everything he's done...Why would you bring him back??" I question quietly.

Hermes cringes.
"Because he didn't deserve to die for my mistakes as a father...He didn't get to experience beautiful moments life has to offer...He sacrificed himself to save everyone."

"Yeah, he died because fo the choices he made.." I respond coldly, raising my voice slightly from my previous whisper. "After every bad thing he's done...After every last person he didn't care about hurting....How do the Gods just assume he's learned his lesson and is now a better person?"
I gasp as I repeat my own words, stopping Hermes as he was about to answer.

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