A family reunion I could've lived without.

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"Uhhh...." I mumble unintelligibly.

I'm not the only one who seems at a loss for words.
No one quite knows what to say. Everyone seems to be in stunned silence watching Eros and Melinoe watch each other.

If looks could kill, the both of them would be lying dead from the daggers that are currently being shot out of eachothers eyes.

"We would appreciate if we could speak to our daughter privately." Eros says calmly, continuing to watch Melinoe if she were a rattlesnake.

A cold-pitched laughter ensues. "Our daughter....NOW she's our daughter....Funny, up until this year I couldn't even see my own child." Melinoe hisses vehemently.

Eros heaves a heavy sigh, shooting Aimee and Ej a glance.
The both of them quickly realize Eros wants them out of the room.
"We're leaving!" Ej yelps, he and Aimee throwing me an apologetic glance on their way out  the door.

A bitter silence continues, while my parents throw annoyed glances at the remaining people left in the room.
Piper, Annabeth, Percy and the healing student nod before exiting, but Nico stands his ground clenched between Melinoe and my bed.

"Do commands not apply to you, little brother?" Melinoe smirks, crossing her arms.

Nico crosses his arms. "Yeah...I'm not leaving with dead-face in the room." He says coldly to Eros, his jaw clenching as he glares at her.

Melinoe grins wickedly.
"Not a fan of ghosts....Why don't I find one that you're more comfortable with..."

"NO!" I yelp, shocking the three of them.
I had a sneaky feeling Melinoe was going to turn herself into either Nicos dead mother or sister just to tear him apart.
"It's okay, you can go." I nod my head at him reassuringly.

Nico looks uncertain to if he should leave..

"He's not going to let her hurt me." I say soothingly, nodding my head in Cupids direction.

Nico considers this, before nodding.
"If you need me, just scream Ghost-Bitch." He smirks. "Oh..." He pauses at the door. "I completly forgot to find your boyfriend after you..Uh...You know....Do you want me to go get him?"

I shout loudly, causing everyone to look at me strangely.
"Just...No....I don't want him knowing....Don't tell him anything, don't even talk to him." I whisper.

I notice Eros is giving me a strange look, while Melinoe is oddly nodding along to my words.

"You don't want your boyfriend knowing you fell off a cliff?" Nico asks, looking beyond confused.

"No...And I DON'T want you saying anything about it."
I try using my eyes to silently plead with him.
He looks confused, but seems to understand because he throws me a thumbs up as he leaves.
A huge part of me wants to rip into Nico for knowing Luke Castellan was alive....After all, Nico knew this and let me date the guy.
But I know the moment I tell Nico I know the truth, he'll go talk to Luke, and then Luke'll know I survived the fall.
I don't know if I want him knowing that just yet...

I release a sigh that I wasn't aware I was holding, as Eros goes over to lock the door from anyone entering.
"Uh...You're not going to let her kill me, right?" I question quietly, just to be sure.

Melinoe raises delicate eyebrows, as if surprised I would even think such a thing.
"If I wanted to kill you Carys, I could've done so ever since I found you a couple months ago." She exclaims calmy.

"What???" Eros hisses, looking beyond shocked.

I ignore him as I think about what she said.
"You found me a while ago?"
A million different thoughts run through my mind hearing that declaration.

Melinoe nods.
"My father found you for me."

"H-Hades?" I choke.

She nods. "He had someone find you for me...After bargaining with another, he finally discovered that you were attending the university. I've been watching over you ever since."

My jaw drops.
"Are YOU the person whose been sending things to kill me?!?" I yelp.

Melinoe now looks surprised. "Hades no! If anything, I've been silently helping you."

 I flop back onto the bed, and stare at the wood paneled ceiling in confusion.

"HOW could Hades have known her whereabouts??" Eros questions, looking between a mixture of surprised and beyond angry.

"He made some bargain with  Hermes." Melinoe waves off, as if Eros is just asking her stupid questions.

It's all starting to fall together....Hades gave Hermes the mist that hid Luke in plain sight, while Hermes found someone for Hades. Apparently that someone was me...

"Do you know what that bargain was?" I ask quietly.

Melinoe shakes her red-head, her curls gently swaying. "No...My father said it was strictly between himself and Hermes."
But as she says this with her back to Eros, I can tell from the way her eyebows raise that she's indicating she wants me to know she's lying in front of Cupid.
She does know what the bargain was about...

"Well this is just a load of BULLSHIT." Eros snaps angrily.
His intensity surprises me. The guy is always calm and collected.
Right now, I can see a major break in that facade. Fists are clenched, red eyes are a darker shade than they usually are, and it looks as though he's trying to keep himself from strangling Melinoe.
I don't even think I've even heard the guy use that kind of language before..

"Is that really appropriate language to use around my daughter?" Melinoe asks coyly, walking over to a chair to sit cross-legged.

"Our daughter." Eros snarls.

Again, Melinoe waves her hand as if his comment was meaningless. "Well from what I  understand, you've cast her aside for so many years you've made her feel as if she has no parents. So DON'T start playing the father card now." She scoffs.

"AND WHOSE FAULT WAS HER BEING PARENTLESS?!?" Eros bellows, spooking me in the process.
This fight was getting so out of hand, I'm surprised if the entire infirmary can't hear it. For all I know, they probably can.

Melione throws her arms in the air. "Well I don't know, HOW ABOUT THE MAN WHO WANTED TO TAKE MY CHILD TO GIVE TO PSYCHE!?!" She yells back at him.

Eros, starts chuckling.
It's not sincere, it's a lip is curled laughter that shows he's totally mocking her...
"WOW! Such an early visit, and already we're talking about your JEALOUSY towards my beautiful wife!"

Melinoe's face drops.
"JEALOUSY!?!" She screeches.
"HOW is it considered jealousy that I didn't want you to hand my daughter off to another woman, you imbecile??!

"G-Guys!" I throw out.
I'm kind of afraid the two of them are about to start brawling. Cupids eyes are a bright blood red, while Melinoe has transformed back to her original spooky self of hafl chalk-white/half dead.

Both turn to stare at me.
Melinoe's face softens before she turns back to her human form.
"Well now LOOK what you did.....The poor thing looks petrified!" Melinoe snaps, rolling her green eyes heavily.

"ME!? You she-devil..."

"STOP!" I shout, surprising not only myself but the two of them. "No offense, but you have BOTH been pretty crappy in the parenting department. Please stop fighting, and just answer some questions." I plead.

Both have their jaws clenched, but they nod.

"What would you like to know Carys?" Melinoe asks softly.

"I've never seen you around...How have you been watching over me?"

Cupids eyes flicker to where Melinoe is seated, obviously wanting to know the answer to my question as well.

Melinoe sighs.
"Don't you find it strange that monsters and Stheno have been after you for awhile now, but nothing attacks you while you sleep at night?" She asks softly.

I freeze.
Now that she mentions it, it is strange nothing's attacked me while I'm defenseless in bed...

"My spirits and I have patrolled outside of the Hermes dorm ever since Stheno first tried attacking you." Melinoe says solemnly, her eyes locking with mine.

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