A deal with two aunts

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"Somethinggggg biiiig I feel it happening, ouuuuut of my connnntrooll...feeeel it in my bones, like, woooaaahhhhh"

I sing song, twirling in place.
After that amazing first kiss with Asclepious yesterday, I haven't been able to help myself from randomly breaking out in crazy dance moves mixed with singing.
Albeit, completely out of tune singing....
But I'm giddy. I haven't seen him on account that the both of us have midterms scheduled at different times, and tonight at weapons training will be my first time seeing him since yesterday in the infirmirary.

I back step while still singing, in a goofy dance that probably shares resemblence to a Gods-awful moonwalk, when I hear a laugh.

"Um...Yeah.....You should definitely leave singing to the Apollo kids." A guy chuckles.

Darn. I thought I had been completely alone while helping Mr. Underwood clean the History room.
I find Darryl  perched against the wall, looking amused.

"I....Have....No explanation for what you may have seen." I grimace.

Darryl laughs.
"No kidding there. Didn't think anyone would be here around here at this time." He muses, taking a seat. He removes a book from his bag and lays it on a desk in front of him.
"It's quieter studing in a room before class then at the Apollo dorm. People usually like playing instruments at this time." He shakes his head. "Why are you here?"

"Mr. Underwood is my friends dad, thought I'd help him out by cleaning up for him." I shrug.

"Ah, cool."

I remember something. "Oh! And thanks for stopping by the infirmirary yesterday.......You didn't have to do that, so I appreciate it." I smile.
It's cool having family that cares. Upon being released from the healers, Ej and Aimee have been bugging me non-stop making sure I'm okay.

Darryl looks confused by my words, though.
"Well....Now I feel like an ass....." He frowns. "I didn't go to see you."

Remembering what Asclepious had told me, he said Darryl had stopped by.
I haven't spoken to any other Derrols that they would know me to come see me. So now this means something. It means for some bizarre reason one of the other Derrols I don't know came to see me, or this Darryl, is lying.......But why would he be?

"He could be the bow thief!" Annabeth exclaims, shaking her head.

After telling Darryl I must have been mistaken, I finished filing the books and then hurried to find  Percy, Annabeth, and Nico to tell them about one of the Darryl's stopping by that early in the morning while I was in the hospital.
We're currently perched around a table inside the mess hall grabbing bottles of sparkling grape juice.

"Do you think he could've been coming back to finish you off?" Nico asks casually, munching on an apple.

Even though that's exactly what I'm thinking, he doesn't have to phrase it like it's something casual.
"Gee, thanks zombie boy." I roll my eyes.

He shrugs. "I'm just saying....You don't know the dude. Talking to him one time, it's weird he'd then come to visit that early in the AM. It's weird if any of them came, actually."

"Wait....So the cyclops guy stayed in your room and saw him?" Percy questions, tossing back some water.

"Yeahhh...." I mutter, not daring to look anyone in the eye.
Instead, I take to tracing the wood grain at the breakfast bar-style table in front of me.

Nico seems to just realize that little fact once Percy states it.
His eyes widen, and I could slap Coral-face to the head for that one.

"WAIT! The cyclops STAYED in your room?" He gasps, looking flabbergasted.

I shoot Percy a glare.
"Yessss, he stayed in my room....That's besides the point..."

"So like....He slept in your bed?" Percy grins, knowing he was making Nico squirm.

"He what!?!" Nico yelps, looking at me in shock.

"Oh will you stop looking at me like that! Don't get all big brotherly on me...I'm a year and a half older than you!" I squeal.
Nico's one to talk. He's by far more experienced than I am in terms of flirting and messing around with people. To give me the scrunched-up judgemental eyes is annoying.

Annabeth snickers, enjoying this back-and-forth banter.
"But he stayed in your room with you?"

"Yes...He saw Darryl, and he thought it was strange he was there so late."

"But he slept in your bed?" Nico pushes, flexing his knuckle.

"Nootttthhhing happend....In the bed."

Nico notices my slight pause.
"But something did happen." He glares.

I sigh.
Might as well get this out of the way now. I like the guy, and he likes me back. I'm not going to hide it from the people I'm closest to.
"We kissed.....That's what happens when two people like eachother." I say sarcastically, shoving Nico.

Annabeth frowns. "Why do you let her shove you and no one else?"

Nico rolls his eyes dramatically.
"Because I like her more than you Anna-Banana."

I nod, trying to keep a serious face, causing Annabeth to grin.
Although, it was true.
I'm practically the only girl Nico allows to push his buttons. The exceptions are his sisters.
 Everyone else seems to be too afraid of him to dare attempt such a thing.

"Wait....So we're talking about Asclepious, right?" Percy asks.

I nod.

"We're talking about......Asclepious, that short, hairy, big footed cyclops?" He pushes further, his face showing confusion.

I pause, trying hard not to break out in laughter.
"Yep." I grin.

He swigs some of his juice.
"Just asking..." He mumbles.

Annabeth too looks perplexed, but says nothing else about it.
Nico, just seems annoyed altogether.
By the time night has come and we've made our way over to the armory to change, I feel a buzz of excitement that I'm so close to seeing Asclepious soon.

"Armor never feels any lighter." Percy grumbles, as he adjusts his chest armor and he and Annabeth head over to a sword fighting station.
Rules have changed since the lizard-dog attack. Now Harmonia wants everyone training together, so we can all be equally prepared if another attack were to come.

"You can find Jason, it's okay." I encourage Nico, as he looks conflicted between joining him, and staying by me.

"Just....Please keep in mind what I've told you about that guy" He mutters, shaking his head.

I sigh. Him and his cyclops hatred...If he only knew there was nothing to worry about because he's actually a demigod.

The rest of the training passed by, but Asclepious doesn't show. Other cyclops, nymphs, and mermaids came, but he didn't.
At first, I started dreading maybe something happend before I started wondering....
Did he not show up because he's trying to avoid me? Thinking about it, that makes the most sense. That would explain why I didn't see him at lunch, or around the courtyard in passing today.

I had a plan, and it was one I wasn't feeling too confident about.
I watched as the cyclops disbanded after training, and paid close attention to a tall one walking off alone.
Slowly following him, I get close enough to touch his arm.
"Don't move!" I command quickly.

He freezes, and as soon as I step in front of him, he throws me a confused glance.
"What do you want?"

"Is Asclepious in his room?"

The tall cyclops nods. "Yeah, I don't think the freak has left all day."

I frown. "Why do you call him a freak?"

"Because he smells different." The guy shrugs, stalking off once I realease my hold.

Asclepious said the mist hides him his true appearence, so I guess it's possible the cylops stay away from him because he smells....Well, human.
I make my way over to the monster dorm, but pause.
It's still early enough in the night, that a bunch of the cyclops and fairies are outside conversing with one another.
I can hardly just walk on by them to the dorm without one of them calling me out for it....

But I'm also not going to not try and break in to see Asclepious... That weasle has another thing coming if he thinks he can just blow me off, especially after kissing...

This is where charm touch sucks. I can't really go up to that small crowd and touch each of them to move away from the dorm so I can sneak in...If only I could charm speak.
I find myself banging on Pipers door twenty minutes later, panting slightly from the run.
Instead of Pipes, I'm face-to-face with Drew.

"What the hell do you want?" She sneers, rolling her eyes.

"Drew, who's there?" Someone asks, and Clarisse comes into view. "It's the diaper baby." She rolls her eyes with equal loathing. But something feels off about her.

"Is Piper here?" I ask politely, not caring to start anything when I'm already dedicated to something else entirely.
"No.....She's out." Drew replies, holding her glare.

There's an odd feeling in the room, one that I recognize. Someone's in romantic turmoil.
I push open the door to peer in.

"Did you not hear me?? I said she's out!" Drew snarls.

"Ohhh be-quiet Shrew...Er...Drew." I smile.
But looking at Clarisse, I can tell something's wrong. She looks like she's on the verge of crying. I've known this girl awhile...She's not one to breakdown easily. Actually, the only time I've seen her....sensitive is wen it came to Chris.

"Hey, You okay?" I ask her, allowing myself inside.

"You're going to leave now, hun." Drew demands, crossing her arms in a superior way.
The bimbo doesn't realize she can't charm-speak me into doing her bidding. Anyone who has the ability to charm-speak or touch can't manipulate another with it.

"No." I smirk.

She frowns, realizing she can't use her skill against me.
Clarisse looks away, before dabbing at her eyes.
"It's nothing you stupid twit...Just leave." She growls, although it doesn't sound as though she's putting much effort into the insult.

"What happened between you and Chris?" I frown, sitting down on Pipers bed.

Clarisse's head snaps to me in surprise.

"I can sense romantic turmoil." I shrug. "If you told me what was wrong, maybe I could help." I offer, shrugging again.

"And why the hell would you help me?" She growls, crossing her arms.

Honestly, she's practically the last person I'd ever want to help willingly. But I suppose I've always been a bit of a sucker for romance. I hate ever seeing someone upset about a romantic interest.
"You and Chris love eachother." I shrug. "A child of love likes...Love, I guess."

Clarisse's scowl drops, a saddened expression is replaced instead.
"I....Don't think he loves me anymore..." She murmurs, without an actual tone of sarcasm or rudeness saturating her comment.

I shake my head. "No, he does."

"Psh. Oh please sweetie...What makes you a love expert?" Drew scoffs.

"Daughter of the God of love, for starters, ohh smart one." I roll my eyes.
Drew's one to talk. Besides flirting the hell with any guy with two legs and a heartbeat, I've never seen the girl actually in a relationship.

"How would you know that?" Clarisse asks me, her eyes narrowing.

I sigh.
"I have a gift, I can sense the relationships between people. Who-will-end-up-with-who, type of thing. I've seen you and Chris, you guys have a connection that shows you're meant to last."

Clarisse's jaw drops.
"But then why is he ignoring me?"

Drew scoffs. "I told you! Just play hard to get, and maybe he'll come talk to you!"

I roll my eyes.
What stupid advice. Don't actually attempt to talk about your problems with your boyfriend....Sit on them and hope he'll come to you. Airhead.
"Who knows, he's a guy, it could be anything..... Seriously though, where's Piper?"

"Are you not smart enough to understand what out means?" Drew mocks, brushing her hair.

Clarisse shakes her head. "She went out with the blonde superman...I think it was a date."

"Awwwww...." I coo, as Drew rolls her eyes.
I forgot, Drew had been majorly crushing on Jason for awhile. Piper and Jason always had this little back-and-forth going on between them. Hopefully, they can actually start something up.

I contemplate for a moment, remembering Piper isn't the only one who can charmspeak....
"I've got a deal to propose...."

As I stand outside of Chris Rodriguez's dorm room in the Hermes building with Clarisse and Drew in tow, I can't believe I'm actually pairing these two to fullfill my goal of talking to Asclepious.
Thinking about it, these two are technically my aunts.....Drew on Aphrodite's side, and Clarisse from Ares's side.
I had offered to charm Chris into talking to Clarisse, in exchange for Drew charm-speaking the monsters away from the dorm for me.

Not surprisingly, Drew didn't want to help.
So then I had to throw in helping her find a guy through my sensing connection thing for her to agree to it..........Yeah, I'm probably going to regret that one.

As we knock, I ready my bow.

"What the HELL are you doing?!? I didn't say I wanted you to KILL him, you idiot!" Clarisse snarls, attempting to grap at Amor.

"It's FOAM!" I yell back, just as Chris whips open his door to stare at us in shock.
"What's going on!?!"

I hit him with an arrow, after I had previously charmed it so he would become completly enamored with Clarisse.
But as his eyes fill with a pitiful lust, I wonder if I did something wrong...
Because as soon as the foam arrow hits him, he quickly grabs ahold of Clarisse, and smashes his lips against her own.
She responds with equal enthusiasm, starting to grip at his waist.
He wraps her up in a similar motion, and before I know it, the both of them were now giving off the impression they were attempting to eat eachothers faces off.

I grimace in horror, as does Drew.

"Er....So....All's....Good?" Drew questions, as Clarisse waves her hand at us to go.
From the disgusting moans that were now issuing from the two of them, we quickly got the point.

As we make our way across campus, I finally feel I've found my voice....Something comes to mind that seems perfect in explaining the terrifying PDA I had just encountered.
"I think I'm permanently scarred." I say in a dead tone.

Drew, looks just as surprised and disgusted.
"Same here....."
She snaps her head up towards the upcoming monster dorm.
Cyclops are still gathered outside, talking loudly amongst themselves. A couple of them are drinking, and one takes what looks to be a live bird, and quickly bites its head off.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" Drew hisses, looking the part.
She turns around, looking like she wants to bolt.

"We made a deal!" I growl.

She sighs.
"You're lucky I want Grace to myself....."
She clears her throat once were closer. "EVERYONE here, go to the edge of the ocean, and throw a raging party!"
Everyone looks to us, saying nothing. I'm suddenly petrified it didn't work...
"PARTY AT THE OCEAN!" A fairy-girl yells loudly, causing the group to erupt in cheers.
They start running and dancing, heading towards the waterfront.

"I soooooo can't believe that worked." I mutter.

Drew smirks, pleased with herself. She scowls soon after. "Wait a minute....Why are you breaking into the monster dorm?"

"Why do you care that I'm breaking into the monster dorm?" I shoot back a question with a question.

This seems to leave her confused. "Well I don't....But you owe me back now!"

I roll my eyes. "I'll meet up with you later to find you a boyfriend!"

"Well you have to do it now because I just cleared the area for you!"

I tighten my fist, mostly to keep myself controlled enough not to slap her.
"I still have to break-in, Drew...."

She thinks about it for a moment, before understanding occurs. "Oh, yeah....Well tomorrow, you are so helping me!"

"Looking forward to it." I grumble, making my way inside the monster dorm.
Yeah, I'm most likely going to regret striking a deal with her...
Luckily, this time around I was smart enough to wear a hoodie under my jacket so I could keep my head covered. As I made my way through the dorm, it came in handy having my face covered so passing mermaids and  satyrs didn't recognize me.

I make my way to Asclepious's floor, and luckily it's deserted.
Knocking loudly on his door, I'm left with no response.

I knock again, and wait a moment. Still, nothing.

I knock once more. "I know you're in there...And if you think you're going to get away with blowing me off without at least saying it to me, you've got another thing..."

"Carys!?" He hisses through the other side of the closed door. "What are you doing here??"

Hmm. What's the proper answer for that.....Confronting him? Stalking him? Being creepy...
Not being able to come up with a non-stalkerish answer, I instead keep quiet.

"Are you alone??" He asks.

"No, I've got the Swiss Family Robinson with me." I roll my eyes.


I sigh.
I have to stop referencing books around demigods....No one with dyslexia and ADHD reads!

"Yes I'm alone!" I snap.
Slowly, the door opens. I see a hint of Asclepious's face as he looks to seemingly clarify if I am alone...Once he sees that I am, he whips open the door and pulls me in.
Once I'm inside, he shuts and locks it.

He releases a breath, and shakes his head.
I put my hands on my hips, wiating for an explanation.

He looks at me with a sheepish expression. "It's nice to see you.." He says, smirking slightly.

I say nothing, waiting for something more.
His goofy grin grows.
"Are you mad at me?'

"Are you avoiding me?"

"What? No...I just....Had to stay under the radar today..." He trails off.


He looks pained. "I lost my bottle of mist in the fight yesterday...I can't get a new one until Saturday. So....This would be my natural appearence." He grimaces.

Ohhhh....He wasn't avoiding me. He just couldn't leave without people figuring out he's not actually a cyclops....Now I feel bad for thinking he was just hiding from me...

"Well that makes sense..." I pause, feeling impossibly awkward.

He takes a step towards me, and lightly pulls down my hoodie.
"So....You snuck in here, because you thought I was avoiding you?" He grins, releasing a laugh.

I grimace.
"I want to say no....But yeah." I admit, hanging my head in shame.

"Hmm. So....You missed me." He grins, moving his palm to my cheek to lightly caress it with his thumb.
I feel a hot-blush arise.

 "N-no!" I continue staring at his carpeted floor, too embarassed to say anything more.
His hand moves to cup underneath my chin to tilt my head up to look at him.

"Well that's too bad...Because I've been missing you since I saw you yesterday." He grins.

I feel a similar one slip onto my lips. "You have?"

He rolls his eyes lightly, before steping forward and placing his warm lips against mine.
"I have." He breathes huskily, planting another kiss onto my bottom lip.
Pulling away, he smiles at me lightly.

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