Beginning revelations

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I wake up, but I also don't....
As I get off of my bed, I remember Asclepious had slept next to me. As I look over to him, I'm shocked to find that there's another me cuddled up against him.
Am I dead??!

"You're alright, love." A reassuring voice calls out to me.
Perched against the doorway, is Eros.

Even though his suit and red tie are the same as usual, I can tell he's aged a couple years since the last time I've seen him. He now looks to be in his mid thirties. If I don't find that missing bow, he'll keep aging until he eventually passes away of old age.

"I'm not dead, right?" I ask, watching as Asclepious is snoring slightly. This is some freaky-friday stuff...

"Not at all." Eros answers, a hint of amusement in his tone. "This is my only way to communicate with you since I am not able to be here in physical form."

Ah, communicating through dreams.
"Wait, so this isn't a dream?"

"Yes and no." He answers simply. "Yes we are communicating in your mind, but no....This isn't a dream as to which this entire moment should be considered apart of your imagination."

I nod. "Uh...Can I ask what you're doing here?"
Maybe he's here to voice his disappointment in my fantastic display of sucking at my own quest. Can't say I'd blame the guy....

Eros tilts his head to examine me. "I am not sure if you were even aware of your actions....But you calling out to me while you were sleeping." He says softly, staring at me sadly.

It's only now that I remember the dream. The woman who I remembered is my own mother tried to drown me. I remember Eros had pulled me out, and I had remembered other people in the room. I don't remember calling him though, but from how freaked out I was probably had.
I have so many questions regarding the incident, I don't even know where to start..
"Why was my mom in Olympus??"
That seems to be the first question that comes to mind. I now recognize the temple I was in belongs to Eros.

Considering the only people aloud to be in Olympus are either Gods, demigods, or some sort of mythical creature, it goes to show my mother obviously isn't just a mortal.

"I think you already know." Eros answers quietly, studying me.

It's quiet for a moment as I process this.
I nod. Obviously she's not mortal. "Is she a God?"

Eros winces slightly, before nodding his dark head.
"You look more like her the older you grow..." He muses, walking closer to me.

"Although....Your hair is a darker shade. Still, you have the same emerald eyes, the same facial structure."

"Who is she?"
I couldn't care less that I look like the woman. All this time I thought I held an irrational fear of the water solely because of a stupid dream.
But in actuality that wasn't the case....It was a memory of someone trying to drown me. Not just someone....My own MOTHER.

Eros is quiet, seeming to not want to answer.

"I deserve to know!" I yell.

Eros stares at me, as if surprised by my intensity. "There is reason for why you should not say names of certain Gods, Carys." He replies stiffly. "There is power in a name."

That answer to me is about as useful as a crap-flavored lollipop.
"Ohh don't give me that Voldermort crap!" I crack back, totally not caring that I'm being rude to him.
If he doesn't like my attitude, he shouldn't show up in my head for a "meeting" and then not want to answer anything!

Eros' dark brows scrunch together, clearly out of confusion.

"It's a..." I cut off, realizing that Cupid is too busy being a God to know Harry friggen Potter references. "Nevermind...Just don't give me that." I snap, beginning to pace around my room.

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