A Furies Fury, and a Gorgon's declaration

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Of coarse.
The universe would have it play out that I'm stuck partnering up with him in this stupid game.
A strong part of me hopes we manage to win, so if anything, I can have bragging rights to show Elmo I'm not the pathetic little sister he thinks I am.

The game starts and immediately, the brutish Ares kids take to attacking anyone and everyone.
Asclepious is smart. He silently skirts around the edge of the forest, but motions me to follow him.
I glance back towards Nico and Clarisse.
Nico is causing the ground to part and skeletons to rise as he darts around people to sucessfully capture a flag. Clarisse, is taking her classic appraoch of beating the snot out of anyone who gets in her way.

"Get over here." Asclepious demands quietly, wanting me to follow him.
I can't help but feel he thinks I'm such a pathetic fighter, if he doesn't keep a close watch over me I could end up losing the game for everyone.
As I notice an approaching son of Hermes, I quickly fire a foam arrow at him enchanting it to make him fall in love with the tree 5ft behind him.
I can't help but laugh as the guy doubles back, hugging the tree tightly when he reaches it.

"Shut it!" Asclepious hisses, but not before an oncoming Ares guy pushes him from behind causing him to stumble.
Even though Asclepious was caught offguard, he's the more talented swordsmen. He expertly knocks the sword from the guys hands, and then hits him to the back of the head causing the guy to faint.

"Was that necessary!?" I hiss quietly, as motion in the bushes a couple yards away distracts me.
It was the slightest of movements, but I can't seem to take my eyes off of the large dark bush. Since we're supposed to be fighting each other to play defense for our team flag, why would someone hide?

"Psssst! Over here!" Asclepious whispers, beckoning me over with his hand.
He holds up a yellow flag, indicating we have Jason's team flag.
"Two down, four to go." He says, as we make our way towards the direction where the next one is located.
We cover some distance, careful to avoid a bunch of fighting involving swords and spears. A strike of lightning hits a giant cyclops, and I realize I was right in thinking Jason would use that card.
Suddenly, two large guys come out of nowhere and start engaging Asclepious in a fight. As one seems to be holding his own against him, a large guy makes his way over to me, electric spear in hand.
"Sorry if this hurts princess." He laughs, aiming his hand backwards to hit me.
I somersault out of the way, and charm touch his leg.
"Don't move!"

He doesn't move, as if he's frozen in place.
"You're going to start attacking your own teamate so my partner and I can escape." I murmur.
The guy nods his light brown head. "I'm going to attack Stan." He mutters dreamily, turning around and touching the guy Stan with the spear. Immediately, Stan jolts backwards after being shocked by the spear.
As the guy I charm-touched starts attacking his teamate, I pull the confused Asclepious past them to continue towards the flag.

"YOU did that!?" He asks in astonishment.

"Guess I'm not as pathetic as you like to think I am." I smirk.

He grins, before hearing a noise and becoming instantly at the ready. His tall form slouches, his shoulder muscles tensing.
 I hear a noise in the dark trees next to us, coming from high above. Maybe a good 30ft above, seemingly too high for someone to climb.
Would someone actually hide up that high in the tree? Why not just head out and attack us?
A warm hand grabs onto mine, and I'm being dragged forward.
Feeling Asclepious's hand holding onto my own, sends that familiar shot of electricity through me.

As he finally pauses to scan where we are, I half wonder if I should try to manuever out of his grip. For him, holding onto my hand signifies dragging along his weaker teamate. For me, it's different. It's being close to someone I'm finding extremely attractive....But considering he wants nothing to do with me even friend-wise, holding his hand is kinda depressing.

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