Not-so-sweet dreams

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Walking down a dark and narrow hall, I'm fully aware that I'm dreaming. Of course I'm dreaming......I fell asleep next to Luke, and now I'm down an unfamiliar corridor that looks dark and dreary. I'm dressed in a white T with black jeans as I carefully make my way down the dark hall. Another sign that I'm dreaming, I wasn't wearing these clothes last night.

It's kind of depressing, actually. Why can't I have a realistic dream of sitting on a beach in Hawaii or something?

I don't exactly know why I'm walking, it's only when I hear a whimpering of a voice that I start to realize I'm not alone in this strange dungeon-like area.

I can hear muffled gasps coming from somewhere nearby. It's faint at first, growing louder as I walk down the long hall. It's as I walk farther down the dark hall that I finally begin to hear more than one voice whimpering.

"We told you EVERYTHING we know!!" A familiar voice pleas.

A loud malicious laughter ensues next, where I swear I recognize the woman's voice.

"Child...Forgive me for not believing the words you speak. Child of Hades, you know where the golden chalice lays....You were searching for it, and I dare say you found the relic...You will reveal to me its whereabouts or pay the consequences."

I freeze, realizing the words are coming from Stheno.

Logic and reason never seem to go hand-in-hand with dreams. There are some instances where the craziest things imaginable happen while you're dreaming, that when you awake the next morning, it's the most ridiculous thing you could possibly imagine. As in....A grizzle bear wearing a tutu while un-clogging a toilet would seem rational.

But as I think about Stheno's words...This doesn't seem to be a dream...

"Please!" A familiar voice cries softly, as loud footsteps approach.

"I have been fair with my warning, you have chosen to not disclose the information I requested....For that daughter of Hades, you must pay the consequences!"




Multiple screams are heard next, causing me to sprint to the door looking around. Stheno is grasping the back of a girls hair with a hand, while another one takes a single fingernail to roughly jag it across the unfamiliar girls arm.

The girl starts thrashing in pain, releasing a Gods-awful blood curling scream that makes me sprint over to Stheno to tackle her.

Only....I go right through her as soon as we touch. It's like I'm a ghost, not even in the room.

I glance around the room, and I see three people are in the room besides Stheno who's torturing the girl. A dark head of hair and a pair of almond eyes I recognize belong to Frank......There's a sandy-brown haired guy I don't recognize, trying to fight his chain restraints he's in.

But there's a girl who catches my attention....She has cinnamon brown hair, and beautiful gold eyes that are widened with horror. Hazel Levesque.

I stare on in horror, realizing she was captured by Stheno on her quest!

I look back at Stheno, to find she's dropped the girl onto the hard cold ground with a loud thump. The girl starts screaming some more, holding her arm as she thrashes in agonizing pain.

I stare on in shock as the girls face begins to turn a shade of blue, before she begins to convulse in tremors. I remember now why Stheno can be even deadlier than Medusa....Her scratches are poisonous!

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