epilogue/bonus chapter

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long chapter so strap in and very chaotic

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everyone says that weddings are supposed to be the happiest days of their life, mine was sienna being born or finding the twins or meeting leo for the first time. ive never wanted a huge wedding but here i am, standing infront of a huge mirror. i hate the attention and i hate the fact that they didnt let me plan anything.

hannah and my mom decided against a church wedding. they had chosen my dress 2 months ago. it had was a mermaid style dress with a long trail. it was on a hanger in the back of our room. i hated it. i really wanted the white dress i tried on before that one but my mom and hannah did not agree.

sienna and bella are both the flower girls and alex is the ring bearer. adri is my bridesmaid and marco is leos groommen. my dad is going walking me down the aisle, even through i wanted marco to walk me down the aisle, according to hannah my dad deserves it. which i highly disagree. im a lot closer to marco and me and my dad aren't.

hannah and my mom bought their dresses with me, they were both white. my dad and alfonso have been treating our marriage like an alliance. all they have talked about for the last 2 years is 'making' a great alliance between the 2 mafias and have completely disregarded our feelings. my mother even gave me a run down on how to be the perfect mafia wife.

im not ready.

oh fuck what if i fall. infront of so many people.what if my flowers break while im holding them. what if it starts raining. WHAT IF SOMEONE WEARS WHITE. our moms sent out 500 invites, thats way too much. i wanted a small wedding, only a couple close friends and family. adri and i tried telling them a couple hundred times that but they just ignored us. even though its my wedding.

im not ready.

my brain starts racing, this has happened before and the only person who can calm me down is not supposed to see me.my breath starts becoming uneven and i feel like the walls are shrinking. my breath start getting heavy, i need him right now. fuck it. i grab my phone from the desk and go directly to the messages app.

mi amore💗🍆🧎🏼‍♀️

panic attack help

where are you? im On my way!

our room

almost there my love


right when i finished reading the message, he burst through the doors and run towards me.he was wearing a black suit and his hair was messy. "my love." he says and walks towards me.

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