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"SOFIA HURRY UP WE DONT HAVE ALL DAY!" adriana yells from across the house

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"SOFIA HURRY UP WE DONT HAVE ALL DAY!" adriana yells from across the house.

"i have a meeting in like 10 minutes so see you at 1?" leo ask me.

"yeah sure." i responds with a smile on her face. he lean down and peck my lips one more time and walks away.

"SOFIA OH MY GOD" adriana screams from next to me. uh when did she get here..

"WHAT" i scream back.

"I JUST SAW THAT" she yells IN MY EAR.

"saw what" i say back acting clueless. #fakeittilyoumakeit

screams back.


"finally he made a move " hannah says. so like where is everyone coming from.

i turn around and see sienna with hannah.

"okay anyways so let's go shopping. are you sure you don't wanna go sienna?" i ask bending down so i'm infront of her. i'm lowkey good at changing the subject ahh.

"i'm ok mami. we are going swimming!" she says with a huge smile on her face.

"okay, call me if you need anything and i'll be here in 5 minutes."

"no sofia. you need a break." hannah says back. i know i'm not going to win this agreement.

i sign and nod. "fine. i'll get you new shoes cara." (dear)

"okay! i love you mommy" she says and kisses my nose.

" i love you too tesoro" (darling) i say and lay a kiss on her forehead.

"okay let's go! i stole marcos black card" adriana says smirking.

"ima pretend i never heard that" hannah says walking away with sienna.

adriana grabs my hand and yanks me
our of the house and into a car. we had 6 body guards with us as much as we argued it didn't work.

"so tell me everything!" adri says as we put on our seatbelts.

"what do you want to know?" i say and unlock my phone and go on snapchat. gotta snap the hoes ifykyk.

"well how many times have you kissed" she says with a smirk on her face. are we in 3rd grade or something.

"uh like 3 i think" i say while snapping back on my friends from new york.

"what do you mean you think." adri asks.

"oh uh the first one was a peck the second was a lowkey makeout and the thrid was another peck." i say not looking at her.

"ooooo" she says and i roll my eyes.

"can we talk about something else please?" i say finally looking up from my phone.

"who were you snapping" she says with a frown. "you know your going to have to drop your hoes."

i gasp "I AM?"

"uh yeah.." she says and i bang my head on the window.

"goddam when?" i wonder out loud.

"when you are dating someone you are supposed to drop your hoes."

"oh shit"

"you didn't drop your hoes when you were dating devin?"

"uh no. i didn't think i had to."i say while fidgeting with my rings.

"yeah you are suppose to drop your hoes. did you cheat on him?"she asks.

"of course not.i only talked to them i never hooked up or fuck any of them." i say looking out the window.

"dude how is your snap score so high up." adriana asks as she looks at my snap score from her phone. i had given her my snap when i arrived.

"i don't know. it's not that bad!" i say in my defense.

"it's at 2 million."

"shh ive had it for like 5 years."
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and we getting a hurricane so my grandma is being dramatic and like making us prepare and stuff so i have no time to write.and this is from my phone and yeah

ilysm ty for all of the reads and votes <3

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