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"sie, can you go to the bathroom with me?" bella whispers in my ear

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"sie, can you go to the bathroom with me?" bella whispers in my ear.

she always been scared to go anywhere alone since she figured out about the mafia.

i lowkey don't give a flying fuck because what if i get kidnapped by a hot ass mafia leader.

i really gotta stop reading wattpad..

"yeah of course." i respond. we both stand up and before we walk away my mom stops us. i grab my clutch and turn back towards her.

"where you guys going?" my mom asks.

she's always been my best friend, literally their is no one else in the world i love more then her. dad is a close second but he refused to twirl with me when i was 4 and then had the audacity to try and make me happy with ice cream. 

it worked tho..

shut up no one asked you.

bitch ill slap you


i hope you step on a lego

i hope both sides of your pillows are hot

stub your toe every time you walk into your room

hope you forget you have paper cuts on your fingers and then put hand sanitizer on it

i hope they get add 2% milk to your iced coffee. lactose intolerant bitch

that was too far. did i just argue with myself..


"oh to the bathroom." i say snapping out of my thoughts. 

"want me to go with you guys?" she asks.

"nah we're good. thanks though love you!" bella says, grabbing my hands and yanking me away.

that's where we made our first mistake

we walk to the bathroom that was across the whole restaurant since apparently the one next to our table was closed for service.

i look around the restaurant and see a lot more men in black suits then we brought. there is around 91 give or take, but we only brought 30 and our guards are around our table.

something's gonna happen. bella needs to get back to our parents now.

"can you please go back to the table, now. tell mom and dad i love them" i quickly kiss her check and hurry her along as i see the men starting to come closer to us.

"what's happening? " she starts getting worried.

"tell mom and dad it's code-601" she realizes what's happening and quickly runs to our parents.

"i love you! please stay safe" she calls back.

nah im safe the men just wanna have a tea party. 

the men are now surrounding me. i take out the knifes i had strapped in my thighs before we left the house.

 the first one approaches me, i quickly reach over and stab his upper abdomen with my knife. he groans in pain, he tries to shoot me but i quickly grab his arm and twist it causing the bullet to go straight into the roof.

there wasn't a loud sound tho. they are using silencers. fuck my parents won't hear them.

come on sienna, be a bad bitch you cant die rn. your mom got shot after taking down 30 can handle this.

their is 60 now.

shut up

i snatch the gun from his hand, i turn it back towards him and without hesitation shoot him in-between his 2 eyes. that was my first kill. i turn around as i feel someone sneaking up on me, i shoot him straight into the chest, leaving him to bleed out. their is so many footsteps around me.

i grabbed the dead mans guns and the knife he had in his waist band. i now have 3 guns and 2 knifes but there is around 58 more men/women.

or they/them. dont assume their pronouns.

sorry jeez.

3 more come straight at me with only knifes, i shoot 2 in the head but one sneaks next to me and makes a cut going up my arm. 

ow for fuck sake

"bitch why you did that." i roll my eyes and cut his arm aswell. 

pay back bitch

i shoot him in-between his eyes aswell and he fell straight down like a domino.

10 more attack me now, and this time i cant keep them back. 


i shoot 5 of them with my second gun since the other one ran out of ammo. one of them throws a knife at me and ends up hitting me in my asl area. 

rip my asl asf.

"fuck." i groaned in pain as blood is falling out of my arm and my asl now. i hear footsteps behind me and to my sides.

im surrounded.

i shot 6 more bullets, but i felt something hard hit the back of my head. 

thats all i felt before i slipped into darkness.





word count:928

im back. ive been writing this chapter for so long but i have had no motivation. and i hate writing fighting scenes sm


short chap bc i wanted to leave it off on a cliffhanger. 

SIENNAS POVS ARE BACK i missed her sm ngl

anyways how have yall been??

i have my business class exam next friday.. and lemme tell you IM SCARED BRO

i dont really have a lot to say bc ik yall will be mad at me


i love you so much<33 


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