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when we were walking up the stairs of this creepy basement, it was pretty much silent until he finally spoke up. "what were you doing in an alley at night.with a kid." he asks and glances at me.

"uh i was running from someone.." wow great explaining sofia. "who?" he asks with a stern voice. "i don't owe you an explanation, marco." i scoff and walk away from him. where the hell am i going.

"sofia, get back here." i turn around mouth no and keep walking away. i kept walking until i heard voice and a giggle. i recognize it from anywhere, its sienna. i started speed walking following the voice until i finally saw sienna twirling with 2 random guys. when she finally saw me she came running up to me.

"MOMMYYY!! are you okay?" she asks as she gives me a huge bear hug.

"im fine! what about you, are you hurt?" i ask and she pulls away from the hug and grabs my hand and yanks me with her. "sienna, are you sure your okay?" i ask and she nods and gives me a smile. she continues to pull me and i honestly didn't know this kid was this strong. when she finally stops infront of the 2 guys.

"mommy this is leo and derek." she points at them and i smile "im sofia, nice to meet you. so um i appreciate everything you guys have done but we need to get home." i say as polietly as i can and they both smile at me.

"no your not." its marco.

"why not." i ask crossing my hands in front of me.

"because i need answers." i roll my eyes.

"you are the only who left me. you don't deserve answers." i say and i felt siennas hand rub my back and i calm down.

"what happened to dad?" i turn and look at him in the eyes.

"i don't wanna talk about it."

"what happened to mom?" he asks. can this kid not take social clues.

"again, i don't want to talk about it." i sigh.

"mom knew i was alive, im guessing she never told you. mom sent me here to become a mafia member and get the family and dad thought i went missing. now that i answered that, you answer one question, okay?"he says and i nod.

"wait mom knew? what do you want to know?" i ask slowly.

"yes mom knew im guessing she never told you." i shake my head. "what's mom been like in the last 5 years?" he asks and i take a deep breath in.

"oh ok, well when dad died mom got addicted to meth. she had guys over all the time. so i ran away and uh i ended up in the very wrong place, i was gonna go to devins house but you sort of kidnapped me." i explained and all of the guys were staring at me. marco had his arm wrapped around me like when we were little.

"im sorry principessa." marco adds.

"did you finish high school at least?" derek asks. 

"yeah, i finished high school when i was 15 and im supposed to finish college next semester. i started teaching sienna different languages as a distraction now this kid is smarter than me." i say while smiling and sienna flips her hair. we all laugh at that.

"what lauganges do you speak sienna?" leo asks and sienna sits up and clears her voice.

"well i can speak english, spanish, and italian. mommys trying to teach me russian but its hard. " she says proudly, sometimes i cant believe shes my kid.

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hii good morning!! i wrote this before i fell asleep but i just finished editing it. so yeahhhh. idk how much i can post today but i will try and post 1-3 chapters.

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