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after our conversation marco and leo took us to their mansion for the night

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after our conversation marco and leo took us to their mansion for the night. when we got their they showed us each our room for tonight. i showered sienna, helped her brush her teeth and tucked her in. i then grabbed "the cat in the hat" from the bookshelf and start reading it.

"the cat it in hat...." after i was done reading it to her, i closed the book and put it on the night table. i looked down and saw a almost sleeping sienna. "onde nel fiume...." i sang her song and sienna was asleep. "good night, sweet dreams." i kissed her forehead and walked out of her room, trying to slowly close the door.when i turned away from the door i saw marco and leo standing there. they were litterally standing there staring at me with smirks on their faces.

"oh um. you guys okay?" i asked and they were still staring. i am so confused.

"how did you raise a kid at 14?" marco asks. okay i was expecting them just to say yes to my question and walk away.

"honestly i have no idea." i say with a small smile on my face.they were still staring at me.i let out a fake yawn "well im going to sleep.y'all are creeping me out. goodnight ninja turtles." i say as i walk into my room. i stayed next to my door and i heard them talking.

"did she just call us ninja turtles? jeez shes hot." bruh a future mafia leader thinks im hot. i flip my hair dramatically

"ow what the hell." leo again.

"don't call my sister hot." marco says and i hear loud footsteps.

i walk away from the door and go into the bathroom. i get in the shower and turn on my spotify playlist and of course talking to the moon by bruno mars  comes up. of course i sang my heart out. i take a "quick" shower it was actually like 30 minutes but i don't really care. i wrap my towel around me and go into the closet. why is their so much girl clothes here.

i put on grey sweatpants and a black sports bra. i go back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my skincare routine. after i was done i go to lay down but all of the sudden im not tired but im hungry. goddamit.

i pretend to be a secret spy as i walk down the stairs.i tried to be a spy and did a forward roll and i ended up twirling but some how i ended up with my face on the floor. after a solid 10 minutes of trying to find the kitchen i had finally found it. i walk in and i see a dark shadow in the corner. i tiptoe to were they keep the knifes and i grab one. i see the shadow moving closer to me. i jumped when they kept walking and almost dropped the damn knife. the lights turned on and i saw leo in the corner.


"oh im sorry." he's laughing. i put down the knife on the kitchen island.

"what are you doing here?" he asked me. is this motherfucker dumb, why would i be in the kitchen.

"im hungryyy" i say and drag the y just to be dramatic.

"same, do you want to go get some food?" he asked me. i do not feel like cooking right now.

"sure. ima go check on sienna before we go though." i walk away and up the stairs. i quietly open siennas door and see her sleeping like a baby. shes growing up so damn fast. i slowly close the door trying not to wake her up. i go back into my room grab put a sweatshirt on, grab my phone, purse and put on my air forces 1s.


word count:738

a/n AHHAHAHA IM BACK.sorry for not posting in so long. okay so im writing this on the plane omw back home. so if u read this that means im alive lolz. i have a love/hate relationship with planes.

i have so much motivation to write this but not do school work tho.i have a project due at 8am and it is 12pm and i haven't started it :)

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