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darkness is all sofia saw

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darkness is all sofia saw. after getting rushed away in a stretcher she had passed out from extreme blood loss. she was in a coma, everyone hoping she makes it out alive.

"principessa." sofia heard, she looked around. there he was standing, the man she never thought she would ever see again.

her father.

"papa?" sofia question but it came out as a hushed whisper. blackness everywhere but the man who raised her, loved her,and lastly was her best friend standing infornt of her.

"yes mi princesa, its me."her father, anthony smiled.

"what are you doing here?" she asked.

"you have to go back, mi nina. they all need you. i need you. please keep looking for me." he said.

"what do you mean you need me?" sofia asked.

"did you ever see my dead body?" anthony said rubbing his chin like hes thinking.

"no, mama said it was too bad and i shouldn't see it." sofia frowned.

"thats not your mother. but non crederle lei è una bugiarda, io sono vivo. cercami, sono proprio sotto il tuo naso. ti amo.go back they need you, mi nina." anthony said before he disappeared, into thin air like nothing ever happened. (don't believe her she's a liar, i am alive. look for me, im right under your nose. i love you.)

what the fuck.


"the bullet hit her in her upper abdomen, it luckily didn't hit any major organs, if it was 10 cm to the right it would've punctured her heart and we would had a very different conversation." everyone tensed up, "she is going to be fine, she is in a medically induced coma and she should be waking us very soon. she just has to take it easy for the next month. is there any pills/medicine that she is taking currently and any allergies you know about?" the doctor said. everyone released a breath.

shes going to be ok.

leos thoughts

shes gonna be okay, shes gonna be okay.

calm your dick down.

shut yo bitch ass up

go to hell

says the one who is a mafia leader


end of leos thoughts lol

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