thank you <3

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hi loves, i hope you enjoyed my book. its offically over. my first book is over. stop im emotional.

thank you to all of the readers who stuck around on my journey to improve my writing and overall me. its been 236 days since i started writing this book on a 30 hour road trip.

ive had my fair share of delays and struggles but overall i could have done it without you guys. i love you all so much, i geniually can not beginning to describe it.

siennas book is coming very soon so please stick around. follow me on tiktok booksbylia0, ive finally got my comments to be working :) GO FOLLOW IT RIGHT NOW.i will keep you updated on my posting schedule for siennas book :) 

'sienna' is officially going to be released on tb

yes i had to make a new account for tiktok

thank you from the bottom of my heart to one of my best friends, booksbymeonly thanks to her the twins aren't dead and i didn't make yall go through more pain. thank you for always being there for me and letting me do your algebra homework.

thank you to mary and macy, for always giving me your opinions and forcing me to write when i felt unmotivated. thank you for being brutal and threatening me a lot, geniually couldn't have done this without you guys.

thank you to camila, for helping me start this book. fun fact this was going to be a harry styles fan fic.

i finally wanna thank all of you. the ones who commented on my chapter and made me feel motivated to keep writing. the ones who voted and reacted. and the ones who just read it. i hope this book helped make youre day a little bit better.

update 12/21/21 thank u for 2.5 k votes omggg thats fucking crazy <3

update 1/18/22 it makes me laugh so hard that sm of yall read my book at night;like its 4am and yall are reading on wattpad. GO TO SLEEP KIDDO <3 okay ima pretend its not 4 am as im writing this.ANYWAYS WE HIT 170K READS WHATTHEFUCKKKKKKKKKKK. okay gn my loves

im going to miss you all.

see you soon for siennas book,

-lia <3

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