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the newly family of 5 have just arrived to their home in italy. nerves filled through sofia and leos veins. 

while sienna was being a sad bitch and screaming the lyrics to 'what a time' by julia micheals and niall horan for no reason at all. she just watched inside out and went through a major breakdown. she sobbed for 3 hours while her parents tried to comfort her.

(a/n ' HAHAHAHAH go go save riley, take her to the moon for me, okay?' BREAKS MY HEART EVERY SINGLE TIME. BYE IM SOBBING. i just finished watching it </3. rip bing bong :( )

as they reached the end of their super long driveway, leo and sofia started to take the kids out of the car. first it was sienna since she was next to the door, next it was isabella who was in the middle and finally alexander who was next to the door.

sofia quickly sent a message to the family groupchat.

the fam

sofia: hey, can u meet us in the living room couch pls. we got a suprise

adri: yup omw

marco: im eating motherfucker.

hannah: please be pregnant!!!

adri: ^^ yes pls.

alfonso: i hate suprises.

sofia: its good i promise. we are almost there. close ur eyes please!!!!!!

leo: if u dont have them closed ill shoot you.

alfonso: boy i will shoot yo ass dont try me.

hannah: i will hit you with a fucking shoe.

sofia: fine no surprise.

alfonso: fineee


the whole family is now sitting on the couch with their eyes closed. leo and sofia make their way inside with the sleeping twins and a very sleepy sienna. sienna walked into the living room with her parents following.

sienna sat down resting her head on a cushion and going into a deep sleep.

right when leo was about to say something, alexander woke up. soft cry were heard causing the family to be very confused.

sofia picked him ups and was rocking him back and forth. leo was behind him making funny faces trying to get him to calm down. 

"its okay baby shuuu." sofia softly said bouncing alexander up and down. 

"what the hell is going on?" marco says.

the whole family is speechless and confused on why there is a crying baby.

leo picked up isabella, who was still calmly sleeping despite her twin.

"you can open you eyes now." leo said causing everyone to snap their eyes open.

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