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i woke up to people talking around me

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i woke up to people talking around me. i groaned and i slam my head back into the pillow. right when im about to fall asleep, i heard snickers. i slowly open my eyes and see sienna,leo,marco and adri. literally staring at me and standing around my bed.

"good morning babysister!" marco says loudly. i grab a pillow and throw it at his head.

"good morning mommy!" sienna says with a smile on her face. i sit up and lean against the backboard.i rub my eyes and sienna sits next to me on the bed.

"good morning cara" i say quetly and kiss her forehead. (dear)

"why are you so nice to her but you threw a pillow at me." marco pouted.

"hey i told you she hate the mornings." adri says and then came over and sat next to me. i yawned again and grabbed my phone.

"morning bae" she says and rests her head on my shoulder.

"morning shawty" i say quietly.

"why are you so quiet in the mornings." leo says confused.

"because you 3 motherfuckers decided to wake me up." i say and sienna gives me a look. damn it, i said motherfuckers in front of her.

"sorry baby" i say and she lays down and wraps her arms around my waist, snuggling into my side.

"we are going shoppping!!!!!" adri says excitedly.

"what time is it?" i say while playing with siennas hair.

"10" leo says and my eyes widen.

"fu-frick" i catch myself.

"lets go. get ready babe. ill pick out your outfit. sienna do you wanna come with us or spend some time with grandma hannah?" adri asks sienna as she stands up walking towards my closet.

"i wanna stay! she said we can go swimming!" sienna says with a huge smile on her face.

"okay love, do you want me to bring you anything from the mall?" i asks her softly.

"im okay, thank you." she responds politely. sienna stands up and walks out of my room.

"she has better manners then marco." leo snickers and marco gasps.

adri walks back and hands me clothes. "put this on." i look at the clothes and my eyes widen. i havent worn anything like this since before sienna was born.

"um uh -" i get cut off.  "I DONT CARE. YOU HAVE A GOOD-ASS BODY, YOU ARE A DAMN MILF." she screams and everyone just stares at her.

"whats a milf?" leo asks and i look at him. how doesn't he know what a milf is.

"mom id like to fuck" adriana responds and i just nod.

"oh jeez. wait whats the outfit?" leo asks and come sits next to me on the bed.

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