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tw rape!!

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tw rape!!

after i told marco to take the 2 kids to the ware house i went there aswell. when i got there, their was a little adorable kid dancing with derek. that's a first.

she was spinning on one foot and was screaming at derek. he was trying to spin but she was screaming at him. "spin like a princess! you aren't doing it right. you need to point this toe. YOUR DOING IT!"  as i walked up to them the little kid was staring at me.

"please don't hurt me." she said and broke my heart. " i promise i will never hurt you. im leo, what's your name?"

she gave a sad smile and responded, "sienna."

"and where is your mom sienna?" i said that and i heard marco screaming, "sofia! get back here."

" i don't know where my mommy is, some man took her away." she responded, her smile devolved into a frown.

"can you twirl with me please?" she asks and gives me puppy eyes.

"uh alright sure" i started spinning and so did derek and sienna.

"chi è questo ragazzo?" i said to derek as i stopped spinning. (translation: who kid is this?)

"una signora che è nel seminterrato. sta parlando con Marco." (translation:some lady thats in the basment. shes talking to marco.)

"le mie mamme in un seminterrato?"sienna asked and tears started to fall from her eyes. holy shit she can speak italian. (translation:my mommys in a basement?)

"no no no, she is almost coming. lets spin." me and derek started spinning and so did she, she started giggling and then she stops and runs.

"MOMMYYY!! are you okay?" sienna asks a lady as she gives her a hug. jeez she's young and hot.

"im fine! what about you are you hurt?" the lady asks and sienna starts dragging her to where we are. "sienna, are you sure your okay?" she asks again and sienna nods with a smile on her face. when sienna brought the lady up to me and derek she introduces us to her. "mommy this is leo and derek."

she smiles and says, "im sofia, nice to meet you. so um i appreciate everything you guys have done but we need to get home."

"no your not." marco adds and honestly im so confused.

"why not." shes ask crossing her hands in front of her.

"because i need answers." she roll my eyes.

"you are the only who left me. you don't deserve answers."she says and my eyes widen is this his kid? why did he leave her? wait is this his sister or what?

"what happened to dad?" he asks, ok so is she single or?

"i don't wanna talk about it." she says with a sign.

"what happened to mom?" he asks. are they like siblings or something im so confused.

"again, i don't want to talk about it." she sighs again.

"mom knew i was alive, im guessing she never told you. she sent me here to become a mafia member and get the family money. now i answered that, you answer one question, okay?"oh my god, this is intense. we all walk over and sit on the couch. sienna was on sofias lap.

"what do you want to know?" she asks him.

"what's mom been like in the last 5 years?" he asks

"oh ok, well when dad died mom got addicted to meth. she had guys over all the time. so i ran away and uh i ended up in the very wrong place, i was gonna go to devins house but you sort of kidnapped me." she explained that and i just wanted to kill her mom. marco had his arm wrapped around her. who the fuck is devin. calm down leo calm down leo. 

who's siennas dad?

"did you finish high school at least?" derek asks and breaks the silence.

"yeah, i finished high school when i was 16 and im supposed to finish college next semester.i got a scholarship at new york university and im majoring in business. i started teaching sienna different languages as a distraction now this kid is smarter than me." she say while smiling and sienna flips her hair. we all laugh at that.oh my god how old is she. jeez she's smart too.

"what laugaunges do you speak sienna?" i asks and sienna sits up and clears her voice.

"well i can speak english, spanish, and italian. mommys trying to teach me russian but its hard" she says proudly. i wish i knew she spoke italian before i was talking about her mom being locked up in a basement.

"how old are you guys, now?" derek asks. thank god he asked because i didn't want to.

"well im 18 and shes 4." she says while playing with siennas hair.

"jeez last time i saw you, you were 7." marco adds and sofia gave a sad smile. "oh shit i forgot to tell you guys, this is my sister and my niece." fuck. fuck. fuck. of course that's his sister.

"shes hot." derek adds and marco slaps him in the back of the head. ok so never say she is hot got it.




word count: 914

AHHH IM BACK WITH DECENT SIZED CHAPTERS ilysm. sorry for the repeat, i just wanted y'all to get leos pov :).

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