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after sofia hung up the phone our milkshakes arrived

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after sofia hung up the phone our milkshakes arrived. i kept getting notifications on my phone but i ignored it. "what if its an emergency?" sofias asks me.

"then they would probably cal-" i was saying but got cut off when my phone rings. i look down at my phone and see its from marco. uh-oh. i answer it and put it on speaker so sofia can hear it.

"im going to fucking kill you." he says and sofia covers her mouth trying to hide her laughter. "MARCO THATS A BAD WORD.IM TELLING MOMMY." siennas screamed at him in the background. i was biting my lip to not break out laughing.

"ill give you 100 dollars if you don't tell sofia." is this man bribing a 4 year old. yes he is.

"nope. 300 and i get m&ms" sienna's says while me and sofia are smiling, this kid knows how to do business.

"fine deal. okay back to the point IM GOING TO KILL YOU LEO."

"bro what did i do?" i say playing dumb and sofia is smirking.

"are you fucking dumb."

"ima be rich today!! 300$ more." sienna says. sofia mouths "he's going to go broke."  i nod holding back my laughter.

"get my sister back home right now before i lose all my money to a 4 year old."

"fine but let us eat first. i'll bring you a burger." i said and hung up the phone.

"so where did sienna learn the bad word business?" i asked tying not to laugh.

"before bed i told her about that, i used to do it with my dad. i didn't think she would actually do it." she says while smiling.

before i can respond our waiter comes back with our food. "can we also get a burger to go please" i say and the waiter nods. "enjoy" she says smiling as she places our food on the table.

"is that all your going to eat chicken tenders?" i say and she looks up and nods.

wait who's siennas dad? shes pretty. why would anyone leave her.  i ask myself in my head.

"im guessing your thinking about me." sofia says and breaks me from my trance.

"no im not shut up." she chuckles and rolls her eyes.

"here is your burger to-go" the waiter comes back and sofia smiles at her.

"are you done?" she asks me and i nod.

"okay can we get the check please?" sofia ask the waiter. the waiter nods and walks away.i see sofia reaching for her wallet and i stop her.

"their is no way in hell im letting you pay. i don't want you to waste your money." she rolls her eyes again.

"if you keep rolling your eyes maybe you'll find something back there." i say joking around. sofia gasped and put her hand over her heart.

"im offended. can you go get my purse from the car? its really important. " she says and i gasped dramatically for literally no reason.

"yeah sure." i say and walk to the car and i look for her purse. but i don't find it.

for a future mafia leader he's dumb

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for a future mafia leader he's dumb. i see him looking for my purse in the car through the window, i have my purse next to me. "here is the bill." i smile and reach into my wallet and pay. it was only $ the 5$ tip. i wait until the waiter comes back and when she comes back and gets the money i walk to the car.

"did you find my purse?" i ask sarcastically as i get into the passengers seat. he looked confused and then reliztaion hit him.

"OOHH you played me, sneaky bitch." he says with a small smirk on his face.

"maybe i did, maybe i didn't." i say as i put on my seatbelt.

"okay lets go home. im paying next time, amore." i rolled my eyes. hold on. did he just call me love. 

"ok." i say as i look out the window. it finally hit me im leaving new york later. the place i grew up. a tear came rolling down my cheek but i quickly wiped it hoping leo wouldn't notice.



word count: 815

hey shawtyys. im backckckk. ik i havent posted in 2 days and im really sorry. ive been busy with  school work and i have a huge test tmr so ive been studying for that. ik this isn't the longest chapter but i hope u liked it :)

im sorry if u don't like when books move so fast but i don't really have a choice. i want them to be really good friends and then we go from their yk.

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