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"whats going on?" sienna asked

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"whats going on?" sienna asked.

"okay this is gonna be a little bit confusing." i mumble.

"ok ena, so we found out you have a little brother and sister." i started and looked at sofia for her to continue talking.

"yeah,so we are gonna go pick them up in new york. do you want to go with us?" sofia continued.

"OH MY GEEE!!! i got siblings!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOMMY AND DADDA." sienna smiles attacking both off us in a hug.

"wait we need to tell my family and marco." sofia says, as she was standing up from our bed.

"wanna surprise them?" i shrugged.

"sure," she smiled walking into our closet.


i love that.

i called my private jet pilot and told him we are leaving, and that he has to get his ass to the plane now.

5 minutes of me and sienna talking about the randomist shit ever, sofia comes back with a luggage. im assuming has our clothes in it.

holy shit this is really happening.

found out that someone took our freaking sperms and made 2 children and then abandoned it.


im a dad.

wait how did they get my sperm

the hell-

*in the car otw to the airport :) *

sofia buckled sienna into her carseat while i put the suitcase in the trunk.

did she pack rocks or sum bc this shit heavy asfff.

"wanna watch a movie?" sofia asks turning to face sienna, as i pulled out of the very long driveway.

i looked at sienna through the little mirror thingy. "oo yess." sienna smiled.

my lips formed a sly smile.

"which movie?" sofia said scrolling through disney plus on siennas iPad.

"moana! do you like moana, dad?" her excitement laced through her voice. sofia nodded and began looking through disney plus.

my heart fluttered at the simple word. dad.

"i love that movie,ena." i smiled. i watched it with her a couple days ago while sofia was sleeping. honestly it was amazing.

"here you go," sofia handed her the ipad with moana playing.

sienna mumbles a 'thank you' and continued watching the movie.

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