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"Morning mommy" I hear a small voice behind me

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"Morning mommy" I hear a small voice behind me. I had just finished getting brushing through my hair, bushing my teeth and getting dressed.

I turn and see Sienna standing there wearing still wearing her pjs. Her bed hair looking as crazy as always.

"Good morning darling." I kiss her forehead.

"Grandma said we have to go try on princess dresses today!" Sienna says with a bright smile on her face!

Oh crap the ball.

I look down at my phone and see that its 9:03. I turn it off and turn my attention back towards Sienna.

"What color do you want your dress?" I say while I gently brush through her hair with a comb.

"Pink or purple." She grins.

"Okay what do you want me to do in your hair?" I say and she turns to look at me.

"Ponytail"She screams.


"Okay we can do a ponytail." I say while grabbing all of her hair and meeting it in the middle.

"High or low?"

"High" I nod and start lifting the ponytail higher up her head. She hands me a clear elastic. I twist it twice in her hair and pull her hair apart to make the ponytail tighter.



"Okay, breakfast?"

"Yup" I open my bathroom door, we both walk out and towards the kitchen.

"Good morning!" Hannah greets us with a bright smile on her face.

I smile back, " Good morning."

I hear a groan coming from behind me, I turn to see adri standing there looking like a dead zombie.

"AHHH ITS A ZOMBIE" sienna screams and runs to hide behind me.

"Thats Adri." I tell sienna trying to calm her down.

"Oh.Whoops." she laughs and walks toward a stool.She struggles to get on since its tall so I ended up helping her.

"Why do you look like a zombie?" Hannah asks her daughter.

"Why would toy make the dress appointment so early?" adri deadpanned.

"Because its 4 of us now! And plus its not early." Hannah glares at her.

"Whats for breakfast?" Adri says and comes sit next to Sienna.

"I can make pancakes or french toast?" I question. The maids and cooks have a day off today so we gotta make our own food.

"YES" Marco screams from behind me causing me to jump.

I turn on my heel to see the 3 guys standing there.

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