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"IM READY MOMMY," sienna yelled

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"IM READY MOMMY," sienna yelled. i signed and let out a little laugh. i had already packed everything we needed before sienna woke up. a random guy came and took all of the luggage downstairs and i didn't even question it.

i walked out of my room and saw sienna sitting on the floor with her legs criss-crossed, her elbows leaned on her outer knees and her hands holding her face up.

"you look so pretty!" i say with a smile. i help her stand up and make sure she doesn't fall again.

"LETS GO THE PLANE IS WAITING!" marco yelled from downstairs. i grabbed siennas hand with one hand and on the other i had my purse, her ipad and my phone. we started walking down the stairs and going towards the front door. when we arrived we saw leo and marco in suits and i bursted out laughing. everyone is looking at me but i cant contain my laughter.

"is something wrong, s?"marco asks. what are we in gossip girl? "never thought i'd see you in a suit."i say as i finally contain my laughter. marco rolls his eyes and starts walking towards a black suv. sienna lets goes of my hand and walks with him.

"when we get to italy my dad is going to meet us outside of the plane. he wants to seem 'professional.'" leo says in his deep italian accent.

"what about you?" i ask curiously.

"same reason mainly, but i ran out of clean sweatpants so we are stuck with a suit." he says while rolling his eyes. i start laughing again. "HURRY YOUR ASSES UP" marco calls from the car.

"300 MORE BUCKS!" we hear sienna scream. at this point we are both laughing while walking towards the car.

"fine" marco says and gets out his wallet.

"where are my m&m's?" sienna asks marco as leo and i get in the car.

"i forgot them" marco says quietly while scratching the back of his neck.

"mommy" sienna says innocently... or so i thought.

"yes baby?"

"marco said the f-word 3 times yesterday and he said another bad word today." the car erupt with laughter, she just snitched on him for not getting her m&m's.

"for not following our deal." she says looking directly at marco.

"i cannot believe you marco! cursing in-front of your niece!so irresponsible." leo says all defensively.

"that's why your my favorite." sienna says to leo and marco gasps. this is going to be a long car ride.

20 minutes of marco and sienna arguing about m&m's we finally arrive at the private plane runway. what i didn't expect what there to be paparazzi.

"bro what the hell. how did they know we were coming?" leo says and marco scratches his neck. "you tweeted about it didn't you?" leo says with a firm voice.

"uh yeah." marco says quietly making sienna laugh.

"bruh you've done this at least 5 times." leo says rolling his eyes.

"ok well what do we do?" i say and they both look at us.

"wear these." leo says and he gives me black sunglasses. i nod and put them on.

"ill carry sienna and she can put on glasses to." marco says handing me another par of sunglasses. i grab the glasses marco was handing to me and put them on sienna. marco gets out of the car and try his best to hide sienna as he runs onto the private plane. at least 100 people were here taking pictures.

"ok so you hid your face and ill lead you in" leo says and i nod. he gets out of the car and goes to my door. he grabs my hand and we both speed walk. as we walk up we hear a bunch of different questions and a million pictures of us getting taken.

"is that your girlfriend?" "is she the next mafia queen?" "is she italian?" "are you guys married?" "is that her child?"

at last we are finally in the plane and when we get inside we see sienna crying. and marco trying to comfort her.



word count: 770

heyyy! thank u sm for following along w my book! im trying my best to post everyday but im abt to graduate middle school and we have sm projects to do. and my mental health is like sinking faster then the titanic. 

ilysm! if u ever need anyone to talk to my snap is on one of the first chapters!

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