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I packed everything we own

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I packed everything we own. I grabbed all the money I have , which is a decent amount because I have saved it. a lot of it gets stolen by my #meth head mom for her precious little drugs. She would always have new guys over every week, and he would live with us in our tiny "apartment" until mommy dearest gets bored of him. When we found out I was pregnant with Sienna it was 7 years after my dad died. He got killed in a car accident with me in the car. There was only one survivor, me. My mom blamed me for his death and told me she would rather me be dead than him.

when mom found out i was pregnant with sienna, i thought that was a redemption for our family. that didn't happen. i was only 14 when sienna was mother never helped take care of her. its been 4 years and i have practically fucking raised sienna by myself. when i was 7, my brother (who was 10) went missing. no one knows what happened to him or if he is even alive. i wish he got to meet sienna, they have the same bubbly but stubborn personality.

I miss him so much. I miss him more than anything. I would KILL to have my dad or brother back. I've sung "onde nel fiume" (translation: waves in the river), the song Marco wrote and used to sing to me every night before bed; to Sienna since she was born.

I packed her baby blanket, her favorite toys, my brother's old t-shirts that I wore as pjs , some snacks, some extra pairs of clothes, a beaker of water and a knife for protection. I work at the local cafe making minimum wage. I was thinking about being a stripper but I gotta be 18 for that. I mean I do have an extra source of income but you'll hear about that later ;).

in the cafe they don't have cameras so i was able to take some money out of the cash register.i literally feel so bad for doing that but i have to get sienna away from my mother. I had to wait for the perfect time to sneak Sienna and I out. this kid is so fucking loud and has so much energy all the damm time. I don't understand her. my mom is currently passed out on the couch and her weekly fling is next to her. ew.

I don't trust my mom near Sienna, so she sleeps with me. As I grab Sienna out of my bed I pick her up and rest her on my shoulder.Thankfully she's still sleeping. I slowly made my way to the front door with all of our bags. trying not to wake up my mom and whatever his name is ,there's a new one every week so it's not like it matters anyway. I take a deep breath in and open the front door...

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