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"what can i do for you, handsome." the waitress says with a flirty smirk on her face. i want to fucking sock her in the face. this is my man bitch and no one takes my fucking man.

leo looks at her and reaches for his gun that is in his belt buckle shit. i stop him by grabing his hand and causing him to look down. i give him a wink letting him know i can handle this.

"darling, you're lucky i haven't fucking killed you." i say looking at her up and down.

"and why the fuck are you with this whore?" she says looking at me with disgust.

"do you like your job?" i ask stepping closer to her.

"yes." she rolls her eyes.

"well your fired." i smile.

"you cant do that! only mr.baltimore can do that." she says rolling her eyes again.

"you are fired." leo says in his work voice. "if you dont get the fuck out, i will shoot you in between those ugly fucking eyes."

"UGH." she says and storms away.

a new waitress comes and gives us a warm smile. "sorry about her, do you have reservations?" she asks us.

"yes under baltimore." the waitress nods.

"please follow me." we follow her and reach a secluded area with a wonderful view of italy.

leo pulls out my chair and i sit down giving him a smile. he sits across from me. we both open the menu and look through it.

"hi my name is laura, what can i get for you guys this evening?" the waitress asks.

"um i will get a new york steak with some fries. " i tell him. he looks up from the menu and nods.

"what temperature, mrs.baltimore?" laura asks

i was about to correct her but i just ignore it.

"medium well."

"what about you mr.baltimore?" she asks leo.

"i will get the same." he snaps.

"okay and what to drink?"

"a bourbon for me and red wine for her." he says and i nod.

"okay that will be right out." she says and walks away. a few minutes later she comes back with my red wine and his bourbon.

"you look gorgeous, amore." he says smirking.

"gracias chérie. you look handsome aswell. " (darling)

"wow thats a new nickname, amore." he verbalizes.

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