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"uh i don't think thats a good idea." i say trying to sound as nice as possible.

"why?" marco asks.

"i only agreed to come if we stayed away from all the mafia stuff and never showed our faces." i said while wiping siennas mouth. she got mac and cheese everywhere.

"yeah but this is important. and your already here might as well enjoy it. you also can't escape." marco says and i smirk. if i go out threw the front door go left their is no guards.

"mhm. might wanna rethink that." i say looking at him dead in the eyes. his eyes widen.

"please sofia, its going to be so much fun. we can all get ready together! just like old times when we snuck out." adriana says and leos head turned to her so fast. she just exposed herself.


"YOU SNUCK OUT? YOU HAD BODY GUARDS ON YOU AT ALL TIME." leo says and adri just stares at him and starts laughing.

"i mean none of you guys were here and i got bored. we both had fake ids and we'd sneak into clubs." she says while looking at me. she's gonna get us both killed. 


"how old were you." leo says in a firm voice with his jaw clenched.

jeez hes hot when hes mad. no hes not sofia shut up.

"uh 13" adri says smiling.

"OUR SISTERS WENT CLUBBING AT 13?" marco and leo yell at the same time.

"did you guys forget that sofia is a fighter and didn't tell you." adri says trying to change the subject. which worked.

"wait i have a couple questions." marco says and i nod.

"who taught you how to fight? why did you start fighting? and why didn't you move out when you turned 18? "

"okay well dad taught me how to fight. when you disappear he started training me just in case. when he died i kept training as a distraction. i started fighting to earn money. and i turned 18, 3 days ago and i've spent 2 of them with you guys." i say while glaring at marco. sienna had fallen asleep on my lap with her head on my shoulder. i was rubbing her back slowly, it always helped her fall asleep faster.

"oh that explains a lot." they all nod.

"well um can you show us my room so i can put sienna to bed?" i say as i look down at sienna who is still sleeping.

"yeah sure follow me." adriana exclaims. she grabs my hand and drags me away.

we were walking towards my room and i was looking around the house. it was all decorated very modern. it was mainly black and white with a tad bit of gold.

we went up 2 flights of stairs, down a couple hallways, that was filled with guards. when we finally arrived in a room i gasped. "i decorated it. they told me that marcos sister was coming and to decorate it so i based it off what you used to like. but then you turned out to be the girl so uh yeah." adriana said nervously. i gave her a generous smile and walked in.

"your bags will be here later but we can go shopping tomorrow. i love you shawty" adriana said as she walked out of the room.i would've hugged her but i was carrying sienna.

"i love you too bae." i say smiling at the nickname she used.

" i say smiling at the nickname she used

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i layed sienna down on my bed

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i layed sienna down on my bed. kissed her forehead, and walked into my bathroom.i took off all the makeup i had covering the black eye my mom gave me. im surprised the makeup lasted so long. i then got in the shower. i washed my hair, shaved my whole body and exfoliated.

when i got out of the shower i took my birth control, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and then lastly did my skin care routine.

when i was done i put lotion on my legs and then went back into my room. sienna was still in her outfit from the plane so i carefully changed her into her pjs. i was about to lay down when i heard a knock on the door. i went to the door and i opened it. 

when i opened it i saw marco and leo. their eyes widen when they saw my eye. 

i forgot to fucking cover it. 

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT" marco yells.




word count:908 


a/n some people added my snap and started spamming the shit outta me and harassing me. ONE OF THEM SENT ME THEIR DAMN NUDES. so i have erased my snap from this story :/. im sorry lol. but it was not fun getting spammed at 6 in the damn morning.

sorry for no update yesterday i had no energy at all.

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