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when me and sofia finally get inside the plane we see sienna crying

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when me and sofia finally get inside the plane we see sienna crying. we run up to her and she hugs sofia. "what's wrong bambina?" sofia says as shes trying to comfort sienna.

"the people were scaring me, they kept screaming questions at me. i didn't like it mommy." sienna says in-between snuffles. so sienna doesn't like paparazzi, sucks we had to find out this way.

"its okay baby, nothing is going to happen. wanna try and take a nap, after we are in the air?" sienna nodded and she sat in the chair next to sofia. she grabbed her ipad and was playing a game until we were in the air. when the captain allows us to take off our seatbelts sienna stands up and lays her head down on sofias lap.

while sofia was stroking her hair, sienna was slowly falling asleep. "so what happened?" marco says breaking the silence. "um, she just hates being yelled at or talked to by strangers. she punched a guy for talking to her once. it obviously wasn't hard but she almost broke his nose." she says while still stroking siennas hair and laughing a little at the last part. me and marco sat across from her where sofia was sitting.

"so are we never going to find out who siennas dad is?" marco asks and i punch his arm. he gives me a confused look and rolls his eyes.

"i don't wanna talk about it but maybe another time." we both nod. why the hell would you ask someone who their baby daddy is.

"why don't you wanna tell us?"

"because hes dead." our eyes widen. that took an unexpected turn. marco was about to say something before sofia stopped him.

"before you ask i didn't kill him. he was in a car accident. no he has never met sienna and thankfully he never will." she said smiling. we were both staring at her in-shock and in silence.

the flight attendent came over to where we were sitting and asked, " would you like anything to drink or eat?" finally someone broke the silence.

"is their iced coffee?" sofia asks and the flight attended nodded. "can i just get one with vanilla creamer and cold foam please." "of course ma'am. what about you guys?"

"ill have a vodka" marco said awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact. oh my god this manwhore. he's probably fucked her.

"ill also have a whiskey" she nodded and walked away.

"you fucked her, didn't you?" sofia asks. and my head snaps to where she is sitting.

"i was about to ask that" i say and sofia smiles and turns her head to marco who is staring at the roof.

"uh sofia isnt a virgin!" he yells out trying to change the subject. i looked over at sofia who was staring at sienna trying to avoid eye-contact with us.

"wow. i didn't know. the kid sleeping on her lap is actually a doll." i say sarcastically. "now back to you did you fuck her or not?" i ask sternly.

"fine. i did when we were coming to new york." he says and my eyes widen.

"i was on that flight and so was my sister!" i whisper-yelled not trying to wake up sienna. sofia was trying to hold in her laughter. the flight attendant comes back with all of our drinks.

"here are your drinks." she said smiling until she gave marco his drink and her smile drops.

"thank you!" sofia says with a smile as shes drinking her iced coffee. the flight attendant smiles and walks away.  i take a sip of the whiskey and grab my laptop. i go through my emails and answer them. i look over to sofia watching something on her phone. sienna was still on her lap. i look down and see marco asleep with his head on my lap. when did he get here?


"mommy" siennas awake. "good morning baby"

"dad" so is marco. i look at him and he looks at me. "uh get off me." i say and marco gets up. "i thought we were having a father son moment." marco says with his hand over his heart like i just shot him.

"your litterally older then me." i say and he rolls his eyes.

"mommy they are weird" sienna says to sofia.

"i know, are you hungry?" sienna nods. sofia calls the flight attendent over and she comes.

"what can i get for you?" she says smiling at sofia and sienna.

" i want.... uh..... M&MS!" she says but sofia shakes her head.

"you have to eat something and then you can have m&m's." sienna lets out a sign.

"is their sandwiches?" sienna asks. "yes there is! do you want ham or cheese?" the flight attendant responds.

"ham and then bring me all the m&ms you have please." she says with a smile on her face. the flight attendant looks at sofia who nods and the flight attendant goes to get it for her.

"mommy what were you doing while i was sleeping?" sienna asks sofia.

"i was watching a show."sofia responds fixing siennas hair.

"what's it called?" sienna asks curiously.

"good girls." marco gashpes and stands up from his seat.

"HAVE YOU EVER HAD A BOYFRIEND?" he yells in my ear.

"yeah obviously, why?" i just sit back and observe.

"DID HE EVER MET SIENNA?" he yelled in my ear, again.

"can you stop yelling marco?" sienna says on the verge of tears. sofia pulls her close to her and sienna starts playing with sofias necklace. marco nods his head and smiles at sienna.

"uh yeah why?" she asks calmly.

"oh just wondering. i might go kill him now." marco says and everyones eyes widen.

"what" me and sofia say at the same time.

"your my little sister im not letting any guy near you! ill kill them if they look at you." he says and she rolls her eyes. oh shit.

"why does marco want to kill devin?" sienna says still playing with sofias necklace. so she dated devin.

"oh your fu- freaking crazy." sofia says and gives marco the death stare.

"how long did you date him?" marco asks curisolly.

"2 years and like 3 months."

"so you guys are still dating?" i ask trying not to sound interested.

"no " she said while rolling her eyes. the flight attendant comes back with siennas food.

"thank you ma'am, can i get apple juice please." sienna says with a smile. she starts grabbing the  sandwich and biting into it. 

"this is your captain speaking. we are 100 miles away from landing in milan. please continue to enjoy your flight. the weather continuations are 78° and cloudy. thank you."  the captain says over the intercom.



word count: 1250

yay!its a decently sized chapter lol.

hope you enjoyed this chapter! it was mainly on the plane but i  wanted you guys to see a little more into their personalities. im at my grandmas house atm so yeah lol i have nothing to do.

ah so i added like 200 more words bc this felt incomplete. 

*hi so im grounded lol i sort of got a 13% on a test😀 so im grounded until freaking graduation. which is may 23 so see ya then :) my mom is taking my laptop so bye im sorry :(*

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