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these motherfuckers started running from us

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these motherfuckers started running from us. me and marco were chasing after them until we reached the car. they got in the front seat and we got in the back seat.

"where the fuck are you going? why are you running? and why the hell do you need a plan b. " i say with venom.

"to cvs, wanna come?" sofia says innocently looking back at us with a small smile on her face. fuck, that smile is going to be the death of me.

"oh shut up your sleep deprived." adri says to sofia while rolling her eyes. sofia gasps and puts her hand over her heart.

"jeez someone's moody." sofia says and rolls her eyes.

"damn okay so now that both of our brothers are in the car with us, lets get going." adriana says and sofia yawns.

"dude its like 5 in the morning, why are we going now?" marco says as he rests his head on the car window. adri starts the car and drives out of the driveway.

"um girl stuff." adri says awkwardly.

"what type of girl stuff?" marco pushes.

"tampons and birth control" sofia responds looking at marco. that was enough to shut him up.

*time jump to when they arrive at the store. im tired lol*

"okay you go with them to the tampons and ill get the other thing." adriana says and before sofia can respond she walks away.

"okay then uh" sofia says and me and marco just stand there staring at her.

"ill buy you both candy if you go to the car." sofia says trying to persuade us to leave.

"i can buy this whole damn store. candy isn't going to work amore." i say and sofia signs. i look over at marco and see him staring at me now.

"ok well ima uh go get stuff. stay here." sofia says awkwardly and walks away. we both follow her. we end up in the girl period area.

sofia grabs a couple things and we are both staring at the floor awkwardly. "you were the ones who followed me" sofia mumbles under her breath.

she walked away and grabbed some ice cream and some brownie batter.

adriana came over and she had a store bag in her hand. they both nodded to each other and adri smirked.

"i cant believe that worked." adri said to an annoyed sofia.

"you fucking owe me for that one." sofia says and walks away from us. she pays for her things and we both walk out. and into the car.

we buckle up but this time im driving. adri made marco sit in the back with her and sofia was next to me. it was silent until adriana broke it.

"so how was buying tampons with the guys sofia?" she said and marco awkwardly coughed.

"so much fun" sofia said sarcastically.

"shes nicer when she gets dick" adri mumbled under her breath. marco and i heard it and snapped our heads towards adri. sofia was literally staring out the window in her own world.

"im going to lock you both in a room until your 30. no guy is touching my little sister and you." marco says angry. i nod my head in agreement. i look over to see sofia sleeping, she has barely slept these 2 days and its lowkey my fought.

"shes sleeping. shut the fuck up" i say as i continue driving. when i reach the mansion, i open the gate and drive down the driveway. when we get to the garage i park.

everyone gets out of the car except sofia who is still sleeping. i go over to her door and carefully open it. i carry her bridal style and close the car door.

after walking inside the house i see everyone staring at me. i lift an eyebrow and they shrug. the hell?

i carry her upstairs into her room. i carefully open the door and set her down on her bed. sienna is still sleeping. i grab the duvet and put it over the both of them. i kiss her forehead and walk out of her room, closing the door behind me.




word count: 787

hey baes <3 im going to california on monday night so im trying to get a couple chapters ready to upload. but i have really bad writers block rn and i have no idea what to do. 

 poor sofia she aint getting sleep at all, im going making them all couple and shit and plus theirs a mafia ball soon and like damn thats a lot of writing that i have no motivation for.

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