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chapter 35

sofias pov



dont hate me <3


i woke up to an empty bed. i looked at the clock on the side of the bed and saw that it was 8:56am.

i yawned like 20 times and i threw the blanket off of me.

i walked into leos bathroom and saw a witch.

nah just kidding i saw myself.

i walked over to the counter and saw a note.

"buongiorno amore, here is a new tooth brush and a brush. and i ordered someone to move your clothes to my closet.-il tuo amore"

(translations:good morning love, your love -italian)

i smiled.

fuck im whipped.

i brushed my teeth and tamed this fucking hair that makes me look like Godzilla.

no offense godzilla <3

i rinsed my mouth with some mouth wash and walked into the closet.


i looked around and just stayed in my pjs. i honestly dont give a fuck.

i walk downstairs to the second floor and into siennas room. i slowly opened the door to not wake her up.

i walked towards her bed and i didnt see her. i ran out of her room and into mine.

maybe she moved in the middle of the night?

what shocked me was i didnt see her in my room either. im fucking panicking at this point.

i ran downstairs and towards the kitchen.

i relaxed when i heard a soft giggle and a not so soft laugh.

i stood at the door just watching them. i quickly took my phone out and took a picture.

 i quickly took my phone out and took a picture

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"do you think mommy is awake yet?" sienna asked leo as they were making breakfast. its sunday so that means no maids or cooks.

they were both still in their pjs.

"i dont know, ena. how about we surprise her with breakfast in bed?" he said flipping over the egg they were cooking.

"yeah!!! she always does that when im sick or sad." she giggles a little.

"what else do you guys do?" he sets her down on the counter.

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