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"have you figured out who attacked you yesterday?" leos dad asks

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"have you figured out who attacked you yesterday?" leos dad asks.

"ill take sienna you guys talk business." hannah stats.

"WAIT! mommy can we make brownies today?" sienna says giving me the puppy eyes.

"ok fine yes. please dont do the puppy eyes." i say smiling.

"THEY ALWAYS WORK ON MOMMY" sienna yells as shes walking out of the office.

"yes they do." i say while rubbing my forehead.

"bye mommy! i love you!" sienna says with a huge grin on her face.

"i love you more. please eat something and be nice to hannah."

i turn around and see the 3 guys staring at me in aw. "what?" i ask and raise an eyebrow.

"nothing." leo says.

"sorry." alfonso mumbles under his breath.

"damn why is she so nice with sienna and not with us." marco says pouting.

"okay so a small gang leader attacked us. we dont know what they want but hes going to be at my strip club tonight so if we attack it has to be tonight." leo states and refills his cup with bourbon.

"are we gonna attack?" marco asks.

"yes. um sofia is gonna kill him." leo mumbles and i grin at them.

"SOFIA IS KILLING HIM?" they both yell at the same time.

"do you want to wear a dress and try to seduce him?"leo asks with a straight face.

"does she even have experience seducing?" alfonso asks.

"thats for me to know and for you to dot dot dot." i say and they roll their eyes.

"nah im kidding, i do have experience. you know edward de-luca?" i ask.

"isn't he the one who got killed at his own club?" leo asks.

i wink at then. i waited until then realization crosses their faces and theirs eyes widden.

"you killed him?" alfonso says.

"yup, it was easy." i shrug.

"goddam." marco murmurs under his breath.

"okay so is their anything else you need?" i ask.

"um no just be ready at 9." leo says.

"okay ima go make brownies."i say walking towards the door.

"I WANNA MAKE BROWNIES TOO." marco yells and i hear 3 loud footsteps following me.

"yeah sure just dont snort the powder." i say shaking my head remembering the last time i made brownies with marco.

"I WAS 10 AND I LEARNED FROM MOM!" he said and i turned around to look at him. leo and alfonso were also staring at him shaking their heads.

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